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Ouch No More!


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PoP has been selling extremely well in the UK (we sold out in GS, at £29.99), and the PoP PS2 packs have been going extremely well too.  So I don't know what's going on here.

And trusting a fansite like that?  Yes, you deserve to be shot.  Regardless whether it's cancelled or not. :rolleyes:

I'll get the Xbox version of PoP, and may pop (get it? :() for the PS2 BG&E for £19.99.  Mmm.

Do you get that cool chinese-looking guy as your Ubi-Soft rep?

He's cool.

If that's the guy I think it is, he always comes round with a laptop and acts really suave. Etc etc.

That the guy?

If so, then yeah. :D

Where do you work, out of interest?

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