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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

Transient Curse

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20 minutes ago, Kingpin said:

Quite the band for releasing a banger after years of shite. This must be their third resurgence at this point no? 

(I may be talking nonsense - I didn’t really follow along after The Blackening). 

I will listen to the new one. 

You are pretty spot on. They have the odd good track on albums but a lot of the stuff between these releases just washes over me. Their last album was pretty awful and felt like a real step backwards so it's even more impressive that the new one is so good. Rob Flynn is Machine Head's best and worst asset at the same time (and let's face it, he is all that is actually left of the original band now). 

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Scott Kelly of Neurosis - wtf?




Fucking hell. 

Edit: The band released a strong statement, basically saying that this statement is yet another manipulation from Kelly and they kicked him from the band in 2019. Respect the other members for this - no messing about or worrying about their legacy. 


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In nicer news (though bittersweet), Type O Negative are finally repressing their last album Dead Again. I thought it was a fantastic album to be their final one and I might just be silly enough to pay the money to complete my Type O LP collection. 



I hope they will do a big standard edition after the hype dies down. 


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On 26/08/2022 at 13:47, earlymodernsteve said:

Was it the last album or the one before that had Rob rapping about sticking a middle finger up? He hasn't aged gracefully - but then I wouldn't want him to have :)


It is pretty funny looking back at how inconsistent Machine Head have been, they have some genuine metal classics (and The Burning Red which I adore, though a lot of this is down to nostalgia) and then some absolute stinkers too. You could curate a hell of a live set from their catalogue though.

On an unrelated note, a couple of things recently released/soon come:





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Hi guys / girls posted this in trading thread but thought it might be worth putting it here too


Anthrax / Municipal Waste Newcastle City Hall 1st Oct


My cohort for this fine evening of thrash metal has covid so pulled out. 1 x standing ticket for a modest charity donation (of your choice) or free?  I can forward a screen cap of the QR code which I think will suffice? 



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I listened to some of the latest Megadeth album when it popped up on Youtube and I like it! I've never been a big fan (I think I bought one or two albums in my teens) but I think this is good, the first track is just jam packed with good bits, and the band sound great. Even Dave's voice sounds ok - possibly a career best!



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2 hours ago, Girth Certificate said:

the new slipknot is pretty forgettable. The last album had more standout tracks.


yep...*sigh* I was hoping it was gonna be better than the last, but, I just don't think it is. It also manages to have the weakest opening song ever! followed by the released tracks, then we get a couple of good numbers! ...then it fades off again. And an interesting last track just does not save it.

All in all, my view, "Come in slipknot, your time is up" ...at least right now.


Ive decided to listen to Slipknot to clean out my ears!🤣

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On 30/09/2022 at 20:08, wev said:

I like the opening track...


But then it's a very bass driven song

Sounds like a song that wouldn’t have been out of place on an Elbow album, quite like it, but the album isn’t their strongest material for me.

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