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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2


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How about I share something a bit nicer that doesn't have a penis in it?

How about something that is about as pop as metal can get? Album out August 1st, for fans of Arsafes, Destiny Potato etc etc. Serbian/Russian metal is great.

I've been waiting for this album for an age, and checking the Above the Earth FB page I can see why. Roman Arsafes is releasing three albums on his label this year, Above the Earth, his second solo album (September) and then a new Kartikeya album in October. :omg:

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I was on the same plane as Jeff Walker recently, he picked up his bass from the conveyer belt but I was too scared to say hello. Have also seen Anthrax at Wagamama in Amsterdam as well.

(Cool story, bro).

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Clutch are awesome live. See them at the Arts Centre years ago and it was like a sermon with the Rev. Neil Fallon; amazing gig.

Another one for Coma Ecliptic being Between the Buried & Me's best album to date. Cannot wait to see them in September, although would've loved if Contortionist and AAL came over. Haken aren't too bad though.

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Angrycore incoming!


01. Hollow
02. Miscreation
03. Turmoil I: Wolves
04. Turmoil II: The Weak Inherit The Earth
05. Anti-Life
06. A Grain Of Sand
07. Mouth Of Madness
08. Deliverance
09. Skeletal I: Mourning Repairs
10. Skeletal II: Arise

Out October 10th. Seeing as where am at now in life it can't come soon enough. :lol:

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