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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2


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There's just a few hours to go for Jonathan Dick (who writes the highly enjoyable Steel For Brains blog), raising $20,000 for his little girl's medical bills (she has a rare lung condition).

He's perilously close, but still over $500 away. If you have spare cash, skip that 180gram vinyl reissue of something you'll listen to once, and help a metal brother out. http://gofundme.com/snxepw

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Bring me the Horizon (for all two of you who are interested) have a new album out this September. I for one am excite, mainly because Sempiternal was such a far cry from their previous work and actually worth the listen!

Here's a single of their new effort:

I've put this on about ten times in the past 24 hours. I like it very much.

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Glad you like them, and yeah, Sorcerer is the better of the two in my opinion. It's good to see that bands are producing quality doom in the absence of both Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus.

Another band I discovered recently is Isole.

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Just a heads up. The new Iron Maiden album has leaked (For reals this time) if you want to listen to it early.

I'm enjoying the first track so far.

Listened to it a few times over the past couple of days. It's good, but probably a track or two to long - as most double albums are. A lot of the best moments feel like Bruce's solo stuff. At the moment, I'd put it as their best since Brave New World.

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I was having a listen to the new Iron Maiden album in the car to work this morning. I like it. It`s typical of modern overblown Maiden. It`s a bit too long and I`m still sad they don`t really make catchy singles anymore but like Final Frontier I`m digging it. I can't wait to get my vinyl.

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Don't think anyone has posted this in here yet:


I can't shake the feeling that we might need to prepare ourselves for some bad news soon :(

Edit: shit, there's more: http://metalhammer.teamrock.com/news/2015-09-02/motorhead-lemmy-stop-show-texas-cant-do-it :(

Edit 2: in case you can't follow the links, Motörhead have aborted two out of their last three gigs after a couple of songs because Lemmy couldn't play on. The third was cancelled outright in advance. :(

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TBH, I like the song and hope the album will be decent. I just don't think it's going to be particularly metal.

They are arguably getting to a size (in America) where they can make a very good living out of playing music in this style, fairplay to them.

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Hey guys VN1X here, don't post often but thought you might enjoy the following:

Killing Floor 2 has a free weekend on Steam right now and I reckon you're happy to know that it's filled to the brim with gibs, gore and Metal!

Here are some tracks you hear during gameplay (the vocals are off by default but you can turn these on in the options menu).

Full soundtrack:

01 - Murderer, Impending Doom
02 - Something More (Re-Record), Living Sacrifice
03 - Infected, Demon Hunter
04 - By the Throat, Zynthetic
05 - Kill or Be Killed, Rocky Gray
06 - Image Corruptor, Zynthetic
07 - Made for War, Bruce Fitzhugh and Jeremiah Scott
08 - Prey for the Wicked, Zynthetic
09 - We Don’t Care, Demon Hunter
10 - Clone Mutation, Rocky Gray
11 - Bitter End, Fit for a King
12 - Death Marches, Zynthetic
13 - Rendezvous Point, Zynthetic
14 - Ravenous Disease, Impending Doom
15 - Hydra, Zynthetic
16 - Despair, Living Sacrifice
17 - Collapsing, Demon Hunter
18 - Foreign Bodies, Zynthetic
19 - Incarnate, Zynthetic
20 - Not I, Demon Hunter
21 - Recombinant, Zynthetic
22 - Death, Demon Hunter
23 - Aftermath, Zynthetic

Ok back to M83 and Lorde for me now! Bye all. :bye:

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The new BMTH leaked and again seems like a big step up for them when compared to everything before Sempiternal. I get that I'm in the super minority here that digs them and I too thought they were shit in the past but Sempiternal definitely turned that around for me. Which is kind of ironic as now more than ever they're moving away from the typical Metal/Deathcore that they became famous for.

I can see why the hardcore fans of the old BMTH don't dig this though as it's basically 30STM type stuff but I massively prefer this over their old material. It's catchy and boasts some actual songwriting behind it, I like it! Glad I pre-ordered. :)

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At the time I quite liked the first two records. I would like to think in a sort of ironic way, but possibly/shamefully not. Everything after that has been pretty lame.

They used to be comically terrible live. Is this no longer the case? I remember someone once pulled the singers hair extensions out while they were half way through a song.

It's quite funny that they have managed to stick around (and make so much money) for so long considering how many bands doing a similar thing a lot better were around at the time.

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