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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

Transient Curse

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They eventually played Halo 3 on 360 but the lag was so bad they had to call it quits.

The album as a whole was actually okay, but Writings on the Wall is a real stinker. The album ends on a high with the trio of Vicious, Dedicated and A Deathless Song though. Not their best work, but also not completely awful imo, and it will be great snapping your neck to some of the tracks live for sure.

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It is quite superb. I'm not too familiar with their earlier material, but after hearing Tompkins' range on Skyharbor's last release, I was intrigued.


If you like Thompkin's this is worth a look... (it's their first EP / part of the first album before they changed vocalists a few times).


He is also doing a project with Chimp Spanner, which is pretty cool.

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I... might actually kind of, sort of, be warming up to Parkway Drive's latest. It's still a disappointment mind you but I kind of appreciate it on a blind fanboy level.

I'll happily admit to it really, really growing on me. Writings on the Wall is still terrible, but man, some of these tracks are going to be so good on the upcoming tour. :D

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Has anyone else picked up Scale The Summit - V?

I've been listening to it today (Tesseract has dominated my listening, I actually got the CD last week) - it's a great record. It has a lovely atmosphere, the heavy bits are really rocking but it's a fairly relaxing listen.

Probably wont be in my top ten of the year, but it's a quality album.

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