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The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

Transient Curse

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4 hours ago, VN1X said:

Damn... didn't even know the guy had cancer?!




I think it was common knowledge when Tom was diagnosed with melanoma 3 years ago, but it was thought Tom was given the all clear after surgery. Tragically, this wasn't the case and he had been living with it ever since. That fucking cunt of a disease claims another life. :( RIP Tom.

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I might be able to convince the missus. She enjoyed the last one we went to despite complaining it was "a bit loud". It's more that I'll have to fly over and spend a day knocking around Manchester, then an overnighter before flying back. It'll drag. I have a few pals around Manchester but alas it's on a work day so they won't be able to come into the city. 


Just seeing if anyone else is going really.  I saw them on the Earth Rocker tour and they were brilliant, as were their support.  I'm not sure the support has been announced yet.

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On 9/5/2016 at 16:51, dam_aks said:

I've not posted here for a while.


The new Twelve Foot Ninja album is really good.




Thank you for posting this. I think I've found my new favourite band. Really love what I hear. They remind me of a bit of Shaolin Death Squad if they had djent elements in their songs.

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Loving that new Ghost cut.


And, Nathan Wind, definitely don't miss out on a gig just because you'll be going on your own!  I'm in Manchester as well and would have missed out on so many good shows otherwise. Rebellion in town is a great venue (saw Anaal Nathrakh there last weekend) and small or big, always bands playing in Manchester or nearby. Will let you know if I can make the Clutch show.

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