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Nintendo 3DS


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Street Fighter 4

Dead or Alive

Steel Diver

Steel Diver can't be THAT bad right? :)

Ha, I did exactly the same on Sunday but I bought Resi Evil Mercenaries instead of Steel Diver. Just couldn't say no at that price.

Got a shipping email today for my new 3DS, I ordered it on Sat.

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Fucking typical.

The guy buying one from his account for me refreshes his order status. Still awaiting stock pick. Has said that for days. Estimated dispatch date, 8th Jan. Refreshes again, still the same.

I click submit on my purchase. He refreshes. Awaiting dispatch.


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A summary:

I didn't get an email from Nintendo offering to sell me a special edition 3DS.

A colleague did. So ordered one for me.

I complained to Nintendo that I hadn't been offered one.

They offered me one.

Today, this guy's order still hadn't dispatched. It was supposed to dispatch on the 8th. Was still awaiting stock pick this afternoon.

Fearing I'd miss out and it'd be cancelled, I bought one on my account.

Immediately after clicking submit on my order (and I literally mean immediately), the original order progressed to Awaiting Dispatch and couldn't be cancelled.

So I could cancel mine, but I guarantee if I do the other wouldn't be delivered or get lost or cancelled or something.

I can't believe Dekay, the so called Nintendo fan, doesn't have one yet - he has a Vita too :o

I'll probably have two of the fuckers tomorrow! :)

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The more I think about it the less inclined I am to pick up one I think. My current xl with circle pad pro will be better for Monster Hunter 4 won't it?

That's my concern too, I use the circle pad a lot more than most to aim for specific parts (hunting horn /hammer). That little nub looks worse than the psp one! (which might be okay as a 2nd Stick but not for my monster hunter needs)

I'm on a fence :P

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Haha, well, the name doesn't do the game justice at all! It's all about the battle system and whatnot but it just, for me, doesn't really reflect what the game is all about...



"Final Fantasy" doesn't really tell you much either, does it?

I'll get me coat.

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I would love a good RPG to get stuck into. But which one...

Pokemon (one of the new ones)

Bravely Default

Persona Q

Etrian Odyssea

Paper Mario

Is there one that stands out from that lot?

I would absolutely get Bravely Default. The pants name put me off for ages but it's my favourite game in recent years now.

Whlst I agree that Bravely Default is brilliant (and I'm a huge FF fan), I have both that and Pokemon Omega Ruby sat on my memory card and all I'm playing at the moment is Rune Factory 4. So don't rule that out Yiggy...only £25 on the eShop too.

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