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Always appreciate this ngchol and always surprised at the range and scope of albums. Well done us!


271 - III - Crystal Castles [1] [1]

108 - Gossamer - Passion Pit [8] [1]

both these are the wrong way round - suspect its one user. Passion Pit LP is on twice because of it.

271 - John Cale - Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood [1] [1]

this I swapped this out last minute for Rachel Zeffria - upto if you want to change it....

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I thought I actually enjoyed a wide range of music but I have only heard of 37 out of those 290 listed artists. :blink:

Quite. I've heard of 80 of the acts (and a I think a lot of them only due to shooting at several festivals over the summer, and thus scouring the line-ups in great detail; often heard of as in 'the name vaguely rings a bell'), but only actually listened to three of the top 20 albums.

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Legendary as always, and as Jimmy says; "well done us!" for the diverse music on show. I have sampled each of the top 20 albums since this was put up and have procured 6 new albums which caught my fancy so kudos to you, guys!

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