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This album is alright, much like his previous three albums were. It seems better, though, because of the long wait and him being closer to death now. I can't jump on buzz phrases like 'return to form' or 'best since Scary Monsters...' but I'm glad he's made it.

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Heathen was a bit...stodgy and Reality didn't hold up so well once the post-release freshness dispersed. Both had their share of fine songs, but I'm fairly content that this is the most interesting, eclectic Bowie record for quite some time. I'm not going slap any labels or "best since...!" on it (Scary Monsters itself sags in places, after all) but intitially, it seems to be the substantial work I'd hoped for. I suspect that I'll come to wish it were a bit shorter, but there's nothing horrible. Overall, it's by far the best job he's done of reconciling better pop of the Let's Dance era with Berlin Bowie.

The second half seems to be preferred by many, though I think the first four songs are the strongest unbroken run of goodness he's managed in....well....quite some time. ;)

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