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Quality Chill Out Games


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I do love chilled out games, so i thought we could make a list of some must haves.

Animal Crossing: lovely, nothing really happens but who cares. really brilliant fun when your depressed / ill

Amped: lovely landscapes, chilled out gameplay and your own tunes

Vice City: on one hand it is very frustrating, but when you ignore the missions, put on some tunes and just cruise its bliss.

Frequency: again, maybe an odd choice but choosing some nice easy songs and getting huge high scores is just the best way to relieve stress

so there you go, all bloody excellent games too. i just hope developers can make more chill out games cause i think there is a big market out there for these games.

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JSRF: Shibuya terminal, just grinding on all the rails, while listening to the perfect techno tracks, It´s stress therapy for me.

forgot about that one, i actually spend an hour just grinding round then. it was like i was in a trance or something. wierd.

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Shenmue, people!

And the sequel, of course.

What's more chilled, is Shenmue - the Japanese versions, because you don't understand anything anyone is saying, so you don't care, and just go round aimlessly, buying toy capsules, and pissing around.

In a way, Samba De Amigo is a bit of a chiller, just urm, chilling to the beats. :o

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x-plane or any other rather sad flight sim for that matter :o

And possibly that sailing sim, the screenies I saw of it looks lush.

JSRF is a big nono for me, mainly because of the mind-numbingly dull tracks that give me a headache...

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Amped 2 online, chatting to your mates over live and messing about/doing score challenges (with some of your own music playing from the HD of course). Very relaxing in a strange way. Also, this seems to be the only online game that you can pause and not instantly lose all chances of winning!

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