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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Out Now! Info in first post.


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Stolen from GAF:

So, looks like we finally know what's that mysterious feature teased on Twitter (and is meant to provide a seamless experience)... They're data packs you can download on the Nintendo eShop (already up for pre-load in JPN), that can improve loading times if you're using the disc version. And yeah, they're totally free.

There's several packs:

- Basic Pack (2GB): for basic data
- Enemy Data Pack (2.7GB): for enemy data. Makes loading on the field even faster.
- Player Data Pack (3.6GB): for player data (armor, etc.). Makes loading time faster when changing equipment in shops.
- Doll Data Pack (1.7GB): for Doll data. Makes deployment of Dolls much faster.

The first pack is required if you're planning to download the other packs. You can combine them if you want/have enough space on your HDD. If you buy the digital version, you don't need any of these packs (obviously).


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The wait for this is soooooo annoying.

There is one thing that's been bugging me though after seeing every trailer; the battle above Earth is fought by 2 alien races - one of which we know to be Growth. In that overview trailer we get to see what looks like a feline race. Could this be the other alien race that was battling Growth above Earth?

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The wait for this is soooooo annoying.

There is one thing that's been bugging me though after seeing every trailer; the battle above Earth is fought by 2 alien races - one of which we know to be Growth. In that overview trailer we get to see what looks like a feline race. Could this be the other alien race that was battling Growth above Earth?

Or they're whoever's on the planet they end up on.

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I medically need this game. When is it out in the West?

No confirmed date yet, still saying 2015 on Nintendo site.

I would not bet against Nintendo delaying the PAL release into 2016.

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No Monolith Soft game has ever managed a 10 from any Famitsu reviewer, their games always score in the 30s:

Xenogears - 31/40
Xenosaga I & II (DS) - 31/40
Xenosaga Episode I - 32/40
Xenosaga Episode III - 32/40
Xenosaga Episode II - 33/40

Xenoblade - 36/40 (9,9,9,9)

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Dengaki review text snippets sound great :

in spoiler as long text - no story spoilers -from gonintendo.com

Clearing quests grants access to more party members.

Although you wont have access to certain things if you dont progress the story to some extent, you can explore the entirety of Mira right from the start.
The previous game(Xenoblade) set story objectives and gave you freedom to explore before arriving at them, but in this game theres a much higher degree of freedom, like the developers were saying you can do whatever you want, just do some story quests occasionally.

After clearing a certain quest, youre able to freely re-customize your avatar. You can even change genders, perfect for moody people who think I dont want to look like an old man again today.

We left NLA and walked from one end of the continent to the other, and there really were no load times. I was surprised that the game didnt run choppily due to the disc seeks.
However, there are three points where there are some small loading: when you go in and out of the BLADE Home, use skip travel, or view cutscenes.

And since this preview version is disc-only, the textures and character assets would sometimes take several seconds to load in when wed drive around with the Doll at high speeds, or immediately after those load points. Im interested in seeing to what extent the load time reduction data packs/digital version can reduce this delay.

Rock faces and lakes are usually impassable boundaries in games, but if you try hard enough you can continue past them in this game. You can jump up some rocky platforms to scale cliffs, or stealthily swim[by sea] around tough enemies guarding the entrances to continents, which make finding paths through the world very fun.

The direct path isnt the only path. If you try going down a path that made you think maybe I can get there from here, youll find that you will in fact be able to. This kind of accommodating map design is just what youd expect from Nintendo and Monolith Soft.

No matter what height you jump from in this game, you wont take any damage. You can jump all the way down from the top of the Upper Strata in the BLADE Area to the Lower Strata. And the game wont have to stop and load at all, totally seamless!

If you dont plan out your strategy and manage your arts and equipment, the bosses are quite difficult, even for people who are experienced with RPGs.
But dont worry, its still a Nintendo game. They allow you to lower the difficulty on a boss if you lose to it several times. Theres no penalties for lowering the difficulty, so people who dont play RPGs often can still enjoy the story.

When you defeat native creatures, theyll drop equipment that was used by members of BLADE they defeated/killed. Drops obtained from enemies have different abilities and affixes attached to them, some even have unexpected ones! Searching for equipment with amazing abilities by killing enemies can give it a bit of a [loot-focused game] feel.

You dont get money for buying equipment from killing monsters. You can sell the materials you get from them, but that doesnt net you much cash. So, how do you get money on Mira? The Frontier Net, of course. Its not just for gathering info on the planet. The person who placed the probe receives payments regularly(fixed intervals), from the citizens of NLA who pay a fee to view images and information recorded by the probes. The more Data Probes you set, the more money you make.

The moneymaking occurs in real time, so youll make a lot if you just leave the game there and space out!

There are tons of Doll weapons and armor as well, that you can freely customize.

Dolls turn into vehicles when dashing. The frame series dont just differ in vehicle design, their handling and engine sounds change as well.

I played this review copy for much more than 100 hours, but there was still so much left to see in the game. There were many things we were unable to fit into this review, so we hope you play it yourself to experience all of its limitless fun!

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This really can't come soon enough. It's the main reason I bought the Wii-U on the back of what I experienced with Xenoblade Chronicles. The more I hear about it, the better it sounds. I'm trying not to find out too much so I don't spoil it too much for myself though.

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Woo! US Direct incoming - Today!


If you have been waiting patiently for Xenoblade Chronicles X news overseas, you won't have to wait long! Nintendo has just announced that there will be a North American Nintendo Direct concerning the upcoming title, including a showcase via a Nintendo Treehouse live stream. It all happens this Friday at 11 am Pacific/2 PM Eastern.

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