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PlayStation 4 Console Thread


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If it was Xbone live, we'd have a huge controversy.

Ho hum. Amazon are pushing everything out 24 hours. So in 24 hours another random web chat...

To be fair, their original plan meant you wouldn't even be able to play single player games without signing in, so i can see why they might attract more scrutiny

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I've set the machine up and spent the last hour and a half just pissing about in the menus trying to get stuff setup!

Finally logged in to PSN now so got Resogun downloaded and added a few friends. Not been through the list yet but if anyone fancies adding me for Killzone and NFS then crack on :)

As someone who didn't own a PS3 but really enjoyed the Xbox 360 I'm pleasantly surprised with the UI (slick and seemingly pretty easy to use) and controller (fits nicely in the hand, shoulder buttons feel easily accessible).

Can't seem to do much in terms of editing my profile etc at the moment. Got my Astro A30 headphones connected via optical cable - do I need to connect anything else? Seem to be working ok having changed the system settings for 5.1 and Bitstream, but not tried the mic stuff yet.

Annoyed with Shopto as I had to go out and buy both games I'd purchased with them that didn't turn up, but at least the console got here after a lot of hassling them. It really is lovely too, so small and sleek.

This is actually my first launch day since the SNES! I probably wouldn't have bothered jumping in this early if it hadn't been for all the excitement on here, but I'm glad I did. It's fun being part of something that has so many grown men hyped up! :omg:

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It's a bit if a let down tbh that these problems are occurring and certainly if they go on past today it really won't do Sony any favours. It will taint the launch for a lot of people.

I think most people would forgive them for today certainly.

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This feels like proper nextgen to me. The UI is clean, un-cluttered and smooth. The installs and updates are night and day compared to my One, where I sat for what must have been 20 plus minutes waiting before I could play a game. The design of the unit just blows away my One sitting right next to it, and it's so light too, I was holding it in one hand whilst installing. It's just sex in electronics form.

I just connected my Vita in mere seconds and it was amazing, this will hopefully become a big selling point for gamers. Since I only game on a projector, being able to fire up my PS4 and use it without powering up the AV rig is a massive plus point for me.

The pad? Oh my the pad. This 'wins' it if you are looking for a choice. I played some Killzone SP and it just disappeared in my hand. Compare that to my impressions from my One with Ghosts where it keeps thinking I'm aiming down sight when I don't want to, as the trigger registers my finger just resting on it. And also my left palm was getting cramp, even though on the 360 I put 100's of hours into FPS's such as COD and the Battlefield series. The sticks are far nicer on the DS4 too IMO. All in all, a massive win here. Oh, and the track pad is great and very responsive too, I was using it for tiny wipes in KZ and it never failed to register them.

I've just accepted around 10 friends requests from here and updated Battlefield. May pop and get some ciders for a bit of a session in a minute, will probably jump in some B4 games in a bit.

All in all: Expectations, met. Unless I was an absolute massive MS franchise fanboy, I'd be pretty annoyed if I had chosen the One as my main console for this gen. Just for the PS4's pad alone. Never mind the supposed power superiority and better UI, IMO.

Sony, you done good :hat:

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I have Killzone and it should have installed completely but the disk keeps spinning, even if I'm not playing Killzone but are just navigating the PS4 'dashboard'.

Anyone else noticed this?

My PS4 is quite silent without a disk in the drive but with the disk spinning the noise level becomes quite irritating. Not as bad as my launch 360 back in the day but still....

Everything else is just lovely :wub:

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Before I start playing Killzone some other stuff I just remembered.

If you are having trouble signing in to PSN (which seems to be fine for me now) and are getting fed up of re-entering your login, just start typing in the first letter or so and it should list some options in a box above based on recent entries. You can just keep clicking on these to auto-fill and speed up the process.

Navigating that keyboard with the controller is also really easy. Not sure how they did that but I can hold left or right to scroll fast and as I let go it almost always seems to land on the letter I was aiming for. NEXT GEN!!

Controller is fully charged now after about 2 hours and a bit of being connected. See how long it lasts.

Resogun downloaded really quickly. Nice and smooth.

So far its a big tick for the UI. Even PSN being a bit shaky doesn't seem to have totally broken it. I reckon its holding up pretty well considering the amount of people that must be caning it.

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Top tips guys. If you get a black screen on boot and you're using a HDMI switch try it direct to the TV. Mine does not work at all with my switch. Secondly if you're waiting for a DPD delivery at 8pm sharp their systems shut down and report it's back in the depot. Trust me it's not :)


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It'll stop eventually. Killzone doesn't install completely when you start playing as far as I know, it only installs about 4GB to get you started then streams the rest on as long as the disc is in the drive.

Mmm... I've only played it for a little bit. Is there anywhere to see the install status? In the info it says it's 20GB in size. It showed an installation progress bar for a few minutes before the first start but not anymore now.

.Edit: yeah I think is was still installing. The disk stopped spinning now except for a few seconds when starting the game.

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What a difference a network makes..

I was getting into Killzone, but resenting the fact that I couldn't get Resogun. Then one last attempt to log in and it worked!

Queued up Resogun and Contrast and not long after Resogun had downloaded. What a game!

I love the speech through the controller, I know it's not a next gen feature but it works a treat.

Haven't tried much else yet. I've just queued up all the other F2P games I can and I'm leaving it in standby to download (I assume this is the right thing to do).

I've also added the iPlayer, 5 on Demand etc.. apps. I'd love to be able to remove the BBC sport icon though, I'll never use it.

Playroom is a nice tech demo, and the second screen functionality through the iOS app is quite interesting. Is there an iPad version of the app yet or is it just iPhone?

One problem I had though is playing Blurays. For a start it just says "Blu ray disc" when I enter one, rather than showing the name of the disc like the PS3 does. Is this right?

Also, does anyone have X-Men First Class on blu ray? (It's the UK triple play edition if that matters).

It loads up the 20th century fox logo, then gets part way through the X-Men intro/menu titles and craps out. Just sort of hangs there doing nothing and with a black screen.

I tried Toy Story 3 afterwards and that worked fine. It does seem slow to load up the disc though, has a black screen for longer than I'd expect.

Anyways, I'm on the PC for a while as I've been booted off the main TV by the Mrs and kids who are watching Marvel Agents of Shield. I wish I has a PS Vita so I could play resogun upstairs....

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Ok if anyone wants to redeem codes but can't via ps3 or ps4 do it online via sonyenterntainment network!

Redeemed my codes and psn vouchers there so now able to download games on ps4!

Only problem is they don't let you redeem ps plus on the webpage for some reason.

Hopefully that might help some of you out.

Says assassin creed will download in 60 min which ain't bad for 40 gig. I might actually play something tonight!!

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Just played the first 'world' of Soundshapes, i'd forgotten how lovely the music was! Knackered now after the drama and worry of today, too tired to play anything new, leaves me with KZ, NFS, AC and NBA2K14 (and the 2 PS+ free games) to play over the weekened. Also downloading Warframe atm.

Thinking of getting Marvel and Flower for Chrimbo.

Good times, good times indeed!

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Oh man. Only had an hour or two, most of which has been spent pissing about in menus (which I actually love doing) but really impressed so far. Pad is melt in your hands lovely, although I have found myself looking for a 'start' or pause button on more than one occasion (sure I'll get used to option eventually!)

UI, likewise, is just so nice. Uncluttered and obvious. Just what you want.

Need for Speed seems fun, CoD looks perhaps a little last gen, Flower looks blooming gorgeous but Resogun...fuck. Only had about ten minutes on it but I really think I'm going to love it. Totally my cup of joe.

Anyway, my wife has kindly offered to take the kids out for a bit in the morning as I spent the day cleaning rather than playing so I'll have a bit longer with the games.

And this thread. Congratulations everyone. It was a blast.

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