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I just thought of a cool idea for a predator game, kinda inspired by counterstrike. It would be online with about say upto 8 people as marines and one player as the predator. Each round the Predator is a different person, so kinda the marines take it in turn to play the Predator.

The predator way over powers the marines so you must work together to kill the predator. You can turn invisible as predator, and all that gubbins, but only for a set time. You could original jungle type levels and also some urban stuff or anything. I think this would be cool on xbox live. I'd make it as a mod for some fps but I don't know the hell how. Anyway. Thanks for listening/reading.

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No, I haven't

Well, you can set up a game where you have a load of marines versus one Predator. I'm pretty sure you can adjust their health values too so the predator would be a lot stronger...although i've not played it for years.

I think this applies to both AVP and AVP2, but definately the latter.

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Yes indeed. Actually its much better fun in Alien Tag mode, where one person is an Alien and the rest Marines. The Alien runs around killing the marines, and when you do kill somone as the Alien, the guy you killed becomes the Alien. It's brilliant over a LAN as the levels are dark and scary, and the Alien is evil. Wicked game.

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I love playing as the alien, there's nothing more satisfying than dropping from the ceiling onto somebody and biting their head off

I love leaping about and sticking to the walls then dropping onto somebody. It's the most fun I've had in years, there's so much freedom as the alien

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On 10/10/2021 at 20:05, Number 28 said:



I would say definately became an alternate spelling, perhaps even a word by now. Stately + Definative = Certainly / For Certain / For Sure.


Stately: slow, formal, and dignified.

Definitive: (of a conclusion or agreement) done or reached decisively and with authority.


I would certainly say oranges are orange.


I would definately say oranges are orange.


I would [in dignified manner and with much authority] say oranges are orange.




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