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Online gaming: Castles of Burgundy

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Hi folks.

In case you don't venture into the Agricola thread, Boite A Jeux (http://www.boiteajeux.net/) now has Castles of Burgundy on it. Fudge and I have already played a couple of games (it doesn't take that long once you've learned the rules) and I'd be happy to run an "interactive" session on line to teach new folk. I've only ever played the game 4 times but feel confident enough to teach it - it's really easy to pick up. I've a long way to go before I can say I've developed any kind of strategy, so I imagine I'll have my arse handed to me by newcomers!

If anyone fancies a game, let me know and we'll set up a session or two.


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I should've checked here first, but put this on the game's forum:

Andy - as well as the two dice, because you've now got 2 "silverlings" (aka the little silver nuggets) you can now buy a tile from the middle of the board (those 6 with a little black hexagon on). You don't have to buy them, of course, but the game won't proceed until you decide one way or the other.

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I've decided, I bloody love this game - it seems to scratch a very particular itch, but I can't work out exactly why.

It could be the satisfaction in getting the tiles down just-so, the art of using tiles to do actions that would otherwise waste a die. Of spotting nice ways to mine a bunch of VPs.

I just now need to be more aware of the other players and stop them screwing me over (especially people who score an insane amount of points farming chickens....)

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Good game guys. Rematch?

I really want to try to be more strategic next time. Fudge - did you decide beforehand, or did you see what yellow tiles turned up? They seem to be the key to getting big scores. It was interesting to see you not even going for a single mine, but concentrating on shipping and selling.

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That yellow tile is normally one of my favourites - the game doesn't constrain you in many ways, but the 1 tile of each type maximum is a complete annoyance, and I like that I can remove it easily.

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