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Do You Think Goldeneye...


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In terms of little touches, it still easily matches Halo et al. For example, you can't even shoot out the lights in Halo. Shit shit shit shit.

For a 6 and a bit year old game it still is amazing. If I could just play it at 60fps and with high res graphics, I'd play it any day over Halo.

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Even in multiplayer I think Halo and Goldeneye offer differing experiences. Most people (well, me and my friends) always used license to kill on Goldeneye and the different weapon sets change the strategies to a large extent.

you do know you can customise Halo to the hilt too?

Yes, but as regards weapon sets I was referring to the set of weapons in Goldeneye and the set of weapons in Halo. It's the whole thing about Halo's weapons being balanced in an ingenious and varied way, whereas Goldeneye's are more conventional.

aaahhh now i see your point. you are correct.

Halo; dull single player



I seem to remember quite a few people being underwhelmed by halo. Really i m trying to like but i dont!

Well you might be able to get enough people to play 3 player Goldeneye instead.

It needs a twin sticks set up, the resolution needs upping from the blur fest it is, especially multiplayer. I can't remember my exact feelings when i played it not that ago but then i am a bit tired now.

we'll be saying the same thing about Halo in 5 years time anyway.

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I think it still looks and plays superbly.

However, it took me ages to get used to the controls again. I used to be able to belt around 'Stack' and pick people off with ease. These days I bang into walls and have to stop and slowly raise my gun to shoot above me. ;)

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Noooo! goldeneye still hasnt been bettered, stillmost games being made havent taken on board what goldeneye showed us to be right.

I got an xbox and halo for xmas . I love fps s, me and my mate have tried playing thru on co operative, the game is shite, no really i would normally say "its not to my taste" but really if i have spend another five minutes wondering about lost i ll cry. yeah it has great AI, and yeah great idea about the two weapons, and yeah the wart hog is fun, but the rest of the game is average at best.

I would say Halo is far more than average. The 10/10 score edge gave it also strenghten my theorie that its the best fps ever. Remains to bee seen when Half Life gets released.

Ohhh and yea......Idiot.

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Well I found the 2 player co-operative mode on Halo the best thing about the game.

One player is certainly fun but wouldn't say it was ground braking.

Tried the multiplayer death match the other day and found it a bit dull :(

but then there were only 3 of us and I suspect you need at least 6 people what with there being no bots.

As for Golden Eye I played it last about 2 years ago and thought it was looking pants and played sluggish. But then I was never a big fan...

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