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Strolled into GAME on Saturday... looked in the bargain bin and what do I see? A Neo-Geo Pocket Colour (Platinum) with Samurai Showdown 2, King of Fighters R2, Golf, Soccer and Puzzle Bobble Mini. The asking price? £19.97. The eBay going rate? circa £80.



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Are they all in great condition? That's a good deal even if it's all unboxed!

All boxed, mint, with instructions and the little plastic game case (except Neo Turf Masters which has no instructions, game case).

Neo Geo has box, instructions & warranty card thing. ;)

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You're only saying that because you probably already have five, which you bought for 5p the lot at a car boot sale last year or something.


and bah humbug.


Nope, I can honestly say that's better than any of my NGPC deals so far bar possibly Pocket Reversi for £50


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Just while we are on the subject of Neo Geo Pocket Colours, what would you say the going rate for an unboxed, second hand one would be? I seen one at my local import shop, which generally sells everything overpriced, for £40.


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Got a clear, unboxed NGPC for 25 quid last Friday... Hmm. Wwas a bit beaten up as well... :angry:

Just out of interest, how much is a good price for Metal Slug 2, Farselie and SNK vs Capcom TMOTM? Going rate seems to be around 70-80 quid each...

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