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inFAMOUS: Second Son


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What does it mean when there's a white skull with a red number next to it in the top left corner?

That number is a combo of negative karma, keep it going up by killing shit and eventually you get to unleash a super devastating power. I spent most of the game filling this karma combo thing and then finding the largest group of badguys and unleashing pain.

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Regarding photomode - I wish you child rewind a few seconds though.

And regarding paper trail - it still won't let me sign up all the information columns at greyed or for me so our is stuck on United States and what ever date is listed as default for DOB.

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Finished the good playthrough last night. Absolutely loved it, it was bloody good fun and - for me - the best PS4 game yet. Not so sure about the Tesco Value version of Heart Shaped Box at the end but I'll let it pass.

I intend to immediately start again going evil.

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