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Xbox Live Spring Sale 26/3/13 - 1/4/13

Boozy The Clown

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Hoping for less than £8.99 on Peacewalker as it's only £11.99 anyway...

They'd be mad not to do 50% off both. That'd make the whole set a neat £15.

Can you purchase it on Xbox.com cause they haven reduced the price at all on Live.

Yes, if your purchase things on Xbox.com they will automatically download the next time your Xbox is turned on.

On Xbox.com sometimes you have to choose the More Info link or whatever it is on the left side before you can get to a page where you can actually buy the item. That's true for MGS HD.

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Civilization has dropped to £4.49 - Is it any good?

It's a good 'arcade' version of Civ, the map is smaller and you can only compete against 4 other civs max but I've still played it loads. I'm sure someone will come in with 'dumbed down' version etc but for the price of a pint, I'd say it was worth it.

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There is an option, I think you press 'x'.

You press X on the 'buy now' screen to pay with points.

Well, sod you, and all that.


It's not very prominent then. Quite clear on Xbox.com, easily missable on Live.

Wonder if that's deliberate, hmmm?

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Street Fighter 4 is great for everyone. In whatever guise.

Unless, like me, you've only got a normal Xbox pad. :( I bought Super SF4 a couple of years ago, and put ten or so hours into it trying to get to grips with it. But I just couldn't consistently pull off the most basic fireball-/dragon punch-motion specials (IIRC I had more trouble with down, down-left, left motions than I did with down, down-right, right), and was finding it all so frustrating that I just wasn't having much fun at all. I don't mind playing online and losing to better players - I do mind it when I can't put up any resistance at all because the moves I want to do won't reliably come out! Honestly, I found the Game Boy Advance version of Alpha 3 less painful to play.

Someone on here claimed to have completed all the practice mode challenges with just a standard Xbox pad. I simply can't understand how that's possible!

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MGS:PW is showing as £4.49, go to the "find out more" link and it says it's £11.99. Click on the buy it link and it's £4.49. Click buy it for £4.49 and it won't let you buy it at this time.

Sort your shit out Microsoft.

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