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Xbox Live Spring Sale 26/3/13 - 1/4/13

Boozy The Clown

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MGS:PW is showing as £4.49, go to the "find out more" link and it says it's £11.99. Click on the buy it link and it's £4.49. Click buy it for £4.49 and it won't let you buy it at this time.

Sort your shit out Microsoft.

Just bought it, whilst confirming noticed it was showing up as £11.99. Pressed the wrong button so didn't cancel, opened my emails expecting to have to send one to complain but they've only charged me the lower price.

Tl;Dr It's all utterly ballsed up at the moment.

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This is pissing me right off. If I miss out on MGS:PW and L4D2 because their website is being a shithouse I'm gonna be well annoyed,

Major Nelson said it runs through tomorrow.

For the record, none of the sale figures come up for me unless I click through the website and go to 'buy'.

I'm really undecided on Max Payne 3 and Left 4 Dead 2. I'd rather have them on disc even though it'd cost me more but... £4.50. But I won't play them now or for ages, probably.

Roll on AE.

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It must have been something to do with Paypal. I changed my payment type to my card and they both went through with no problem.

I've bought

RDR - £8.99

Portal 2 - £8.99

L4D2 - £4.49

MGS:HD - £13.50

Not a bad haul. Fuck knows when I'll get round to play them all though. Mainly got L4D2 because of word of mouth and wanting something me and the wife can play through together on.

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So the European and American disc releases of MGS Collection include MGS 2, 3 and Peace Walker... but with the Japanese disc release and the worldwide downloadable versions, Peace Walker is split out into a separate title? Anyone know the reason for that?

I'm a big fan of the MGS series (Snake Eater in particular), but not being much of a handheld gamer, I never paid any attention to MGS Ac!d, Portable Ops, or Peace Walker. But now I see that Peace Walker got some of the best reviews of the series, including a 9 from Edge, so it seems like I really ought to buy it.

As for the HD versions of MGS2 and 3: I've still got my PS2 set up, so buying HD Collection has never seemed that urgent. I was fine with waiting for the disc version to drop in price a bit more. However, I've never played Subsistence, so the main reason for me to buy it in this sale is curiosity about how much the camera changes improve the already-brilliant Snake Eater...

Portal 2, Max Payne 3, and MGS Peace Walker so far... if I buy too much over the course of this sale, I think what I'm saving via the discounts will be charged back to me for going over BT's 40GB monthly download allowance! :D

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Unless, like me, you've only got a normal Xbox pad. :( I bought Super SF4 a couple of years ago, and put ten or so hours into it trying to get to grips with it. But I just couldn't consistently pull off the most basic fireball-/dragon punch-motion specials (IIRC I had more trouble with down, down-left, left motions than I did with down, down-right, right), and was finding it all so frustrating that I just wasn't having much fun at all. I don't mind playing online and losing to better players - I do mind it when I can't put up any resistance at all because the moves I want to do won't reliably come out! Honestly, I found the Game Boy Advance version of Alpha 3 less painful to play.

Someone on here claimed to have completed all the practice mode challenges with just a standard Xbox pad. I simply can't understand how that's possible!

I did all those trials on the 360 pad, and it was the first Street Fighter (or beat em up) that I ever played seriously. Before SFIV I didn't even know about canceling normal moves into special moves. The xbox 360 pad is pretty terrible, but SFIV does have a fair amount of leniency so you can get away with the fact your inputs are sloppier than they might be on a better dpad.

One of the best players I know uses Gen to a very high level on a 360 pad with the default control setup. He uses the analogue stick rather than the dpad though.

It's definitely not the ideal controller, but if you're just playing for fun against some mates you'll definitely get your money's worth from what I assume will be an excellent sale price. You get used to the xbox pad's inadequacies; I played for a good 700 hours, and got half decent at the game, before making the switch to stick. I'll be buying the game again for convenience sake, not that I ever take the disc out of the drive.

If I store the game and my gamertag on a USB stick can I plug it in and play on another xbox without connecting to Live to verify?

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