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Xbox Live Spring Sale 26/3/13 - 1/4/13

Boozy The Clown

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Annoyingly the Arkham City DLC that comes on a separate disk with the GOTY edition does not work with the GoD copy of the game. Oh well, just means less distractions when I try and complete NG+ and the many riddles I left unsolved from my first playthrough.

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Decided to splash out on Bioshock at that price. The game didn't grab me when I played the demo (it confused the hell out of me as I had no idea what kind of game it was trying to be), and of course it turned out to be a good game and I missed out. Hopefully I'll enjoy it now.

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Bioshock is excellent. It has it's issues but overall it's one if this generations finest games.

I plumped for RDR. Was gonna go for a few more today but decided against it having only just bought Skyrim last week in the sale.

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So I checked the price of Batman:Arkham City in Moonpointsand and thought; "Bargain!"

I put the points on and promptly bought it with real money. :doh:

Are there new deals TBA today. I've half got my eye on a few things like:

Plants vs Zombies

I Am Alive

Shadow Complex

Joe Danger 2

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What time do the offers usually get updated? I needs me some cheap Peace Walker goodness.

Isn't it usually around !) am in the UK?

EDIT - MGS HD Hooray! I guess that it they're $10 that'll make them 400 - 500 points

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Sales for 3/3 are up on the xbox dashboard (via CAG)

fallout 3 $4.99

max payne 3 $14.99

Orange Box $9.99

Left 4 Dead 2 $9.99

MGS 2 & 3 HD $9.99

MGS Peacewalker $9.99

Civilization Revolution $9.99

According to the GAF. No idea of prices in GBP.

Judging from previous days, they'll all probably be £19.99 - isn't that usually the way it works!

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That list doesn't seem right. Fallout 3 was already discounted wasn't it?

That was New Vegas, I think.

I'll be picking up Peace Walker and Orange Box, never did get round to completing Episode 1 or 2 of HL.

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