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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


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Delayed at least another year - Jovovich is pregnant. She was meant to start shooting this month according to her post, but now won't start shooting until this time next year.

That's a bit silly, considering he's the director. Work it out, dufuses.

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Overall the film series has made $915 million combined. So yes, a lot. Which is amazing considering it's an R rated franchise.

Say what you will about the series, at least they don't do an Expendables and water it down to a PG-13.

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Hold on to your motherfucking hats! From Comingsoon - If they do reboot as a TV show, you're looking at after 2016 once the final movie has been released.

After our earlier report on The Mortal Instruments becoming a TV show, it turns out two more female-centric action franchises are getting the small screen treatment as long-running series Resident Evil and Underworld head to TV!
Despite a delay in production due to Milla Jovovich having another baby with her husband/series mastermind Paul W.S. Anderson, the sixth film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, could be followed by a spin-off show from Constantin Film, according to Variety. Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed that the company is moving aggressively at "starting production next year on at least two or three international shows," including Resident Evil and The Mortal Instruments.
Another bombshell was dropped at New York Comic Con, where original "Underworld" director/series caretaker Len Wiseman told IGN about a spin-off film--likely Underworld: Next Generation starring Theo James' David from the fourth film--as well as his wife Kate Beckinsale's return in a different film… as well as a TV show!
"There's a few things being developed right now," said Wiseman. "There's some characters we really liked - there's kind of more of a spin-off of some of the characters like we did with 'Rise of the Lycans' and another film is being developed in the works with Kate possibly as well. And then there's a television series as well. It's kind of expanding that universe in many ways."
With four and five features under their belt, respectively, clearly both Underworld and Resident Evil have enough longevity in their fanbase to sustain a transmedia empire, so TV seems like the natural place to go. With stars like Scarlett Johansson and Keanu Reeves headed to television series of their own, don't be surprised to see Beckinsale or Jovovich at least entertaining the idea of cameos if not outright headlining the shows themselves.
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Here we go!

Deadline brings word that “Legends” and former “Heroes” star Ali Larter is set to reprise the role of Claire Redfield for the upcoming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Larter previously played the character in Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife.
Larter joins a cast that includes Milla Jovovich as lead protagonist Alice in addition to Wentworth Miller (who, as of late, has been menacing “The Flash” as Captain Cold) in the role of her brother, Chris Redfield. With production set to begin soon, expect more casting announcements for the film to be revealed in the coming days.
Last August, actress Milla Jovovich announced that she and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson were expecting their second child together, delaying the shooting of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Now, production is slated to begin later this month with Cape Town, South Africa being one of several locales used for the sixth and (supposed) last part in the long-running Resident Evil franchise. Paul W.S. Anderson is set to return for his fourth outing as director and writer of the Screen Gems franchise.
Currently the series is the highest-grossing franchise based on a video game, with over $915 million at the global box office across the five films. The last film to see release was Resident Evil: Retribution in 2012.
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$915M and counting, for a total budget of $257M.

Film - Budget - Global Total

Resident Evil - $33M - $102M

Resident Evil: Apocalypse - $45M - $129M

Resident Evil: Extinction - $45M - $147M

Resident Evil: Afterlife - $69M - $296M

Resident Evil - Retribution - $65M - $240M

Obviously the budget doesn't include marketing, but then again, the global total doesn't include DVD sales or TV rights.

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