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Is there a J-pop thread?

Eats hoops and leaves

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J-pop is a much-maligned genre but like any genre it has its good with its hilariously bad. I try to listen to everything so it's wasn't entirely unfamiliar to me, but last year I was roped into doing a DJ set and I went with a 50/50 hip hop/J-pop theme and so I had to listen to loads of it. Here's what I think is genuinely brilliant:

Aira Mitsuki:

Her music is incredibly creative and I think the production gives it a much deeper sound than the sci-fi-bubblegum-school-girl themes first suggest.

Check out the start to this live performance:

And this was her first single:

But I think this is her best tune:

(Knee-high girl - still looking for a vid)

This is amazing too. I looped the synthy bit from 27 seconds on over and over again and it sounded sick.


Then you have the all-conquering Perfume whom everybody sort of knows. Here's an example of an old classic:


But I think that this is their greatest older tune:

Perfect for a bracing Sunday morning drive on a colourful expressway, or listening to at the hairdressers while you take in the intoxicating beauty product fumes.

This is from their newest album:

Capsule have been around for yonks. Here's a great example of something from one of their newer albums. It's a lovely little tune.


Here's a slightly older one:

Here's Maki Goto:


The funniest/most disturbing thing about this is the bit in the official video where she's smoking a fag prompted online outrage that this Yamamoto Princess had dared foul her body. Reason no. 197234 that J-pop has such a bad rep.

And that's the main problem with J-Pop - it's a bit like metal in that i) the videos are always terrible ii) a lot of people into it refuse to listen to anything else and iii) this creates a situation where if you say you enjoy it you either get judged as some terrible weeb or you get molested by the person you're talking to who's just revealed himself/herself as a terrible weeb. But the genre has a lot to offer! I hope this post convinces at least 1 person of this, and perhaps people can post some of their favourites?

Rule: no AKB48. Please don't make this into a pedo-post.

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Like most music genres "jpop" is a horribly vague term that has a reputation based on a subset rather than the larger body of work. The problem with hoops suggestions is that ironically, it probably does more to strengthen the stereotype than dispelling it.

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I'm so glad this thread happened. Thanks hoop.

I've ventured in and out of J-pop over the years. I think I was sucked into the genre as soon as I started playing japanese computer games with good sountracks. As soon as I heard the bubblegum pop I needed more. This stuff is very addictive indeed.

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One of the songs on Persona 4 Golden is quite good in an impossibly catchy pseudo-80s schmoozy-dancepop style. This one:

The best thing about this sort of track is that the English lyric is so obscured by the pronunciation you are free to imagine it's loads better than it actually is. Which you couldn't if it, er, wasn't.

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