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Recommend me some Techno! And Scooter discussion!


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You see, I'm ashamed to admit.... actually, no I'm not ashamed to admit, I really like Scooter.

There's three members of Scooter. There's the shouty idiot at the front called HP Baxxter, there's the guy on the left who's changed a number of times over the years, then there's the guy on the right who's name is Rick.

Rick is a classically trained pianist, and seems to be the "talent" in the act. Every Scooter album I've ever bought is a mixture of dreadful cheese, shouty idiot and great instrumentals, and I suspect that Rick is behind all the songs I really like.

I've loved Scooter ever since the early 1990s, when I heard this:

Move your Ass

Move your Ass is FAST, it's EXCITING and a great piece of music - but it is spoiled by the shouty man all the way through it. When he says "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice!" I just laugh at the nonsense of it all.

Since then, each album has had some terrible nonsense on but if you listen to them all there's absolute gold on there. The instrumental tracks can be exceptional, with lots of subtle layers that really need decent headphones to be appreciated. You just need to be selective. I love Scooter, but you have to sift through three or four shouty stompy songs with speeded up vocals for every top quality instrumental that they do, and once you get into those instrumentals, you can kind of tune out to the shouty man songs and enjoy them as well.

I'll try to give specifics although a lot of the subtlety is lost in the Youtube compression:

Back in Time LIVE - imagine the atmosphere!


Here's a great instrumental one from the new album:

Listen to the amazing opening to this album, then hear how it all falls apart as soon as the first song starts:

And this one is an example of Scooter from the same album, which sums up everything that we all hate about them, makes you scream "WON'T YOU PLEASE STOP SHOUTING" because it's the catchiest song in the world:

So I guess, what I'm looking for is other songs, other bands, that have the qualities I like from the instrumental tunes. Was this a long way of saying "recommend me some trance please" - or maybe just have some Scooter discussion in general. A few people I know have them as their guilty pleasure, and there's evidence of Scooter working under different names to prove that they are actually genuinely talented music producers, they are just well known only for cheesy shouting.

Any recommendations? And what do you think of Scooter?

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I do have to say Scooter are ace. There's no bullshit about them, what you hear is what you get. I think that upsets some people's musical sensibilities. A shame because if it's no-nonsense thumping eruosounds you want you can't do much worse.

Actually I have this 'tribute' compilation, but don't expect more of the same. It's essentially a breakcore/noise sort of deal, probably not to everyone's taste.


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