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It seems I am all in on this. Hardline was enough to convince me that I missed playing Battlefield online and I got a voucher from work today as a bonus. (£60 Tesco Vouchers YAY) so treated myself to Premium. Can't wait to get back into this properly.

Anyone about at some point tonight?

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Fucking hell.

Coming from Battlefield 3 on 360 to this is amazing. Played some Conquest and there was an almighty battle for one of the points. I think I was on a 48(?) player map and it took me a while to get head around the intensity of the action. It is like night and day compared to what it was like on BF3 most of the time.

Not sure I made the most of learning the map though, as I spent most of the time between two areas defending them, but it was great fun, which will only get better played with other mukkers.

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Some Dragon's Teeth info...



The action moves into dense Asian Pacific cities. Join the urban all-out war with game-changing destruction in four all-new multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth drops you into urban combat across Asian cities in four all-new multiplayer maps. Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon. Fight among the huge monuments of despots in the grey concrete Propaganda. Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market. Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the blazing infantry battle of Lumphini Garden. Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth also includes five new weapons, the Ballistic shield, the controllable unmanned ground vehicle R.A.W.R., ten assignments and the new game mode Chain Link, where you create chains by linking together capture points to win the battle.


4 all-new multiplayer maps set in Asian cities
- Lumphini Garden
- Pearl Market
- Propaganda
- Sunken Dragon
5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4
Unlock the new gadget - a Ballistic shield that blocks incoming bullets
A new Battle pickup: The R.A.W.R., a heavily armed remotely operated ground vehicle
Link together capture points to win the battle in the new Chain Link game mode
10 new assignments with unlocks for each

Get Battlefield 4 Premium and secure 2 weeks early access to this expansion pack.

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Am I alone in still having really bad netcode issues with this? None of the smoothing, or "bubble" settings make any noticeable difference either way for me. Just seems like no matter which server I join, it's always super flakey, rubberbanding loads, etc. This is with a solid 60fps, and low reported pings too. Not to mention that BF3, and other online shooters like Planetside 2, Titanfall and even the darn BF Hardline beta all run really smoothly by comparison with no lag or rubberbanding at all.

I'm only playing vanilla maps; are more players in the DLC maps? Might there be more reliable games found there? Not really anxious to splash out on any more BF4 content just yet when it still plays so unreliably, but I really wanna love the damn game, argh.

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Yeah it's silky smooth these days, I dunno if all servers have the higher rate net code but the only gripe I have is deaths in cover - some times it happens far too far round but less than ever hence wondering if not all servers are running the latest server stuff!?

Played loads last night, had some great rounds with a few from here and later on with 3 mates, 2 are new to the ps4 and therefore 64p but great fun was had and so much death by bipod was caused!!!

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The only problem I've had of late is that c**ts have now found a way to get above the map in Operation Locker so they can run about in thin air above the C flag or shoot at you from inside walls.

Seriously Dice, fix the maps, or ban / reset the fuckers when they get reported. :angry:

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Not on the balcony - you can get there by jumping out of the window halfway up the stairs, which is fair enough. These people were right up near the broken dome ceiling and were walking in thin air, clipping through walls, and firing down on our team.

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Not on the balcony - you can get there by jumping out of the window halfway up the stairs, which is fair enough. These people were right up near the broken dome ceiling and were walking in thin air, clipping through walls, and firing down on our team.

I see, that needs to be sorted - on the metro exploit you cant actually shoot through the walls you are behind can you?

A mate of mine loves locker so often plays the locker only rotation servers and i am yet to come across that one, matter of time tho i guess.

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How do you use the boosts? I got a load with premium but not sure how to use them

Press the select button in game and you should see a boosts box at the bottom right of the screen. Choose the one you want to use and it will last for an hour (of playtime, not realtime).

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Well bugger me,that netted me a few promotions. Used one of my 100% Boosts, along with the XP Boost for the weekend and jumped from level 4 to level 11 I think.

Still die way more than I kill, but it's great fun.

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We released the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE) in early May, and have since then made good progress on improving the game together with our fans. In this blog post, we wanted to share some of the things that we’ve been able to achieve thanks to you.

We’ve tested tons of things in the CTE, ranging from general gameplay tweaks to bug fixes. Many hours have been spent by the team watching live streamed gameplay, analyzing telemetry data, and of course, interacting with the players on the forums. It’s been a tremendous help to the team and we thank all those participating.

The CTE is open to all Battlefield 4 Premium members. If you still haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, then please visit the following link to sign up: http://cte.battlelog.com/bf4/

Netcode Improvements

Making improvements to the “Netcode” in Battlefield 4 has been a top priority for us. Some of the items we’ve been specifically looking at is how to decrease the feeling of getting killed when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator. The improvements we did were released in June, and we’re looking at testing out additional fixes during the coming months.


Core Gameplay
The core gameplay initiative has started, and in the first phase, we’re looking at making improvements and fixes related to the new Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack. One of the main items that we wanted to test was the all-new Ballistics Shield, and based on the feedback that we received we made the following changes that’ll make it for the release of Dragon’s Teeth:

  • Shield bash damage has been tweaked, it is no longer possible to one-hit kill enemies. The Ballistics shield now better matches with the initial design intent.
  • Single tank AP-rounds now kill those carrying the Ballistics Shield, something that previously wasn’t possible.


Rush Tweaks

If you’re a fan of Rush, you’ll want to jump into the CTE and try out the new changes we’re currently testing on the Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311 and Operation Locker to start. The main focus of these changes has been to increase the balance and flow of the Rush round. Often, this means making it easier for the attackers to tackle certain MCOMs. Some general tweaks have also been made, such as:

  • Commander has been removed by default in Rush. :omg:
  • Radar sweep has been reduced around attackers base.
  • Many per map specific changes, MCOM placement and cover passes.

Apart from these bigger initiatives, here are some of the areas of improvements that we will be looking at in the future:

  • General Weapon tweaks/balance.
  • Weapon Suppression tuning.
  • 3P Head-flinch dampening.
  • Visual recoil ADS tuning.
  • Vehicle tuning/balance.
  • Game modes: Rush, Continued tweaks to Obliteration Competitive and Conquest small.
  • HUD improvements and bug fixes.

So, for those of you that have joined the CTE, thanks for the continued support in making Battlefield 4 even more fun! We look forward to seeing you soon on the battlefield.

David Sirland
Battlefield 4 Associate Producer

Great news on Rush. Hopefully these tweaks might make it a viable gamemode again.

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