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Anybody know how the digital upgrade will work for the Xbox 360 - Xbox One? Will it just be a code I can use and trade the 360 game in towards my XB1, or will I need to keep the 360 disk to register the download on the XB1 (Ala PS3-4). If it is the latter, does the 360 disk need to be kept every time you launch BF4?

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God damn it! I just wrote up your needlessly convoluted options and then the forum ate it.

Assuming you're in the UK I believe you have two courses of action:

  1. Purchase BF4 for Xbox 360 from GAME. You can trade in that copy for £40 towards either the Xbox One or PS4 version of the game, but assuming they enforce their own terms you will need the GAME receipt for your original purchase.
  2. Buy BF4 wherever you like. By trading it via Amazon — you'll want to allow several days for postage — you will receive a minimum of £15 credit plus a voucher for £22 off the next-gen version of BF4, FIFA14 or NFS: Rivals.

So, no you don't need to insert the original disc as you're getting another physical copy, but nor do you have the original version to trade in afterwards.

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Went and pre-ordered my copy of BF4 on Xbox 360 at Game today. The guy behind the counter replied with "You what mate? You want to be getting Call of Duty. That's better!", I replied with "Nah, I'm good. I like my games to involve actual team work". He then changed the topic to Assassin's Creed :hat:

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