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The Titanfall Thread

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As somebody who sucks balls at first person shooters, I'm really enjoying this. Whether it's because it's been balanced to allow idiots like to to survive more than 3 seconds at a time, I don't know. I'm also the Mek-Quake of the Titanfall world. As soon as I'm in my 20-foot killing machine I do my very best to avoid other Titans (or at least take pot shots at their backs while they're engaged) and hunt for smaller, squishier targets.


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I think the bots thing really works, and it's taken me a while to realise/describe why.

It effectively detaches your experience as a player from your skill. People are going to see that as a negative, but games are about fun. If I go on a tear in Battlefield, I feel great, but if I spend a round getting spawn-killed or running to the frontlines and then getting sniped, and end up with a 1:10 K:D ratio I'm not having much fun - I want to quit.

In this, I finished a round and I had one pilot kill and two Titan kills, which for 10 minutes was pretty shit performance - yet those results came as a surprise - my experience of the round wasn't miserable, it was exhilarating! Another round I got MVP, but my experience of that round felt largely the same and I got a little hit of joy at seeing I'd topped the leaderboard. It flattens the curve, instead of good or shit you feel good or great. I think they've made a game where you can't have a miserable experience even if your team gets stomped.

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This game does look like a lot of fun, I especially liked the Jack Frags video that was posted. If it was coming out on PS4 I would definitely buy it, oh well, hopefully the even better sequel will release on PS4 at some point. Enjoy the beta everyone and please keep posting impressions.

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If anyone wants a beta code, it's really easy to get one.

Just click this link, select Live Chat, and ask the customer support representative for a beta code. They're literally giving them away to anyone who asks (I got a couple last night for a mate)

You'll have to wait for about an hour to speak to someone, but just leave the tab open and get on with other stuff while you're waiting. It counts down and everything so you won't miss it.

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