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The Titanfall Thread

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The beta only has two maps, and it's completely amazing. I'm up to the top possible rank now and I'm just beginning to feel like I know my way around the place. What's more, the thing that I was most worried about (the Grunts entering the map to act as cannon fodder) is actually what makes it great. There's always something to shoot up while you're hunting for other players and despite concerns about the maps feeling a bit empty, there's seemingly no shortage to guys popping a cap in my skull.

On top of that, once you get to the second half and Titans are a common sight, it always feels busy.

Really, really good. I can see how genre purists might not like it quite so much, but for weekend warriors like me, it's most entertaining.

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This is just fantastic.

The pace is completely frenetic, and when you see three or four titans going head to head, it's an absolutely awesome spectacle.

But, more than anything, the pace and freedom of tearing it around the map on foot is what makes it. I've had more fun out of Titan than in, which I really didn't expect. It's unlike any other FPS I've played, that's for sure, and really looks like it's going to be something special.

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This is a load of fun.

I'm not very good at it (I only get 1 or 2 pilot kills per round) but it's really quick and immediate. I'm playing the PC version on a machine I bought in 2008 and it looks nice and runs great. Kinda wish it was on PS4 (for friends and trophies and stuff like that), but this'll do.

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As far as I can tell, the way to the top of the Attrition leader board is to concentrate on farming Grunts and Spectres as fast as you can. Players aren't a common enough threat, are dangerous and likely to kill you. The NPCs are none of those things and if you can catch a flood of them they go down like crazy and your team score rockets.

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