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Anyone watched any of these? You can watch through Lovefilm in the UK and presumably the other countries Lovefilm serves. They will be using feedback on the pilots to decide which they make a full series out of. The short blurbs don't make them sound good, for the most part.

8 Comedy Pilots

Alpha House


They work in the Senate. They live in the house--Alpha House.



Four friends think they've cracked the code for Silicon Valley success.



Fresh-faced interns face the music, and sing along with it.

Dark Minions


Rules, reports, a Galactic Overlord ... just another day at the office.

Onion News Empire


Onion News Network journalists will do anything to stay on top.



These divas are humanity's last line of defense.

Those Who Can't


The most immature guys at this high school are teachers.



Four survivors are killin' zombies and searching for a home.

6 Kids Pilots



Kid scientist Anne explores the world.

Creative Galaxy


Soar with a loveable alien artist.

Positively Ozitively


Enjoy magical adventures in Oz.

Sara Solves It


Unravel mysteries with Sara and Sam.

Teeny Tiny Dogs


Canine pals help one another.



Join the journeys of Fig the fox.

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I just watched Zombieland and it kind of fell a bit flat for me. There were funny bits, but I think one of my big problems was the characters, which are the same characters as in the movie. I don't normally mind different people playing the same characters in movies and TV, and I didn't mind most here. But the guy playing the Woody Harrelson character, well, he just wasn't Woody Harrelson, and that just seemed to constantly bug me.

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I didn't make it beyond the credits of 'Those Who Can't' (so just over a minute or 2, tops) which was enough to suggest it was awful. Then tried 'Onion News Empire' which was pretty lifeless, but at least had a couple of moments - plus it's got Jeffrey Tambor!

I'll probably try the John Goodman one and Zombieland too, but the others sound dreadful. Interesting idea though, I never knew Amazon had production studios (I see they do films, too).

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Didn't think much of Zombieland, it wasn't funny or scary. I had real trouble getting over the new cast who are, one and all, a huge step down from the originals. I wonder if they wouldn't have been better off going with a batch of new characters in the same world.

I quite enjoyed Alpha House, the main problem it as is that it exists during a time where we already have Veep.

Think I'll give Onion News Empire a shot tomorrow. None of the others look that appealing to me.

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I really liked Onion News Empire. I suffered through nearly the entire first season of The Newsroom, so seeing it skewered pitch perfectly was pretty satisfying. It reminded me a bit of the early Zucker/Proft spoofs in terms of the sheer volume of gags.

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Zombieland didn't make the cut. The creator is a bit salty about it on Twitter.

I'll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from die-hard Zombieland fans. You guys successfully hated it out of existence.

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