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The Grime Thread

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There has been loads of new stuff you'll all be entertained by.

This tune isn't amazing but the video is... I don't know its on some General Kony shit:


This is flipping amazing:


As is this Skepta remix of it:


I fucking love Sox he is a right little weirdo but hes just so nice with it:


There is so much more stuff to share if people are interested. I love grime so much.

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I'm loving Grime at the moment, it's one of those scenes that's been consistently amazing for the past decade and is just so quintessentially English - it doesn't have any of the inferiority complex that UK Hip Hop sometimes has. I don't think there's any music out there in the UK scene (or pretty much the world) that's as interesting or balls out exciting.

I uploaded this to Youtube myself a few years ago but still fucking rules:

Download Wiley's All Fun and Games Till mixtapes, just him spitting absolute fire over the best instrumentals from the last few years:


My favourite discovery of the year so far, The King of Grime:

This is another old track but only recently came to my attention, love it:

There's something about a computer voice rapping that does it for me.

Edit: Going through my Youtube uploads, this track is hard too - even got a comment from Narrows himself!:

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Ooh, Durrty Goodz, I DJed for him when he played in Dublin. Well, I say DJed, I stood next to the cd deck and hit the next track button when he barked next track at me. He was great, but it wasn't a great turnout. Not many people like Grime in Dublin, but I guess that's the same for everywhere that isn't London. I'm no connoisseur at all, but I do have a big soft spot for it.

Here's another old one. Love the sweet melodies to go with the menace:

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Yeeah, that Chronik video is sick. Tune sucks, best one he did was Man In Da Boots - Skitz production on that was sick. I'm constantly underwhelmed by grime, tbh. The range of style and lyrical content really doesn't weigh up against rap or hip hop, Skepta's normally coming out with good shit. The talent pool production is awesome though.

Been waiting for Faze Miyake to put out Amsterdam for ages. Since LOTM 3.

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Some more good stuff here.


Really like this track, especially Ghetts, both of them spitting various classic grime bars from different artists:

Corrogate I like Man in the Boot but prefer Blackout (starts at 00:38 if you wanna skip the shitty camera phone footage at the beginning):

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Yeah diz that track is sick. Crazyee Banditt's my fav' grime producer. I uploaded a few of his bits from Jammer's Are You Dumb Vol. 1 - guy's safe. He sent me a few instrumentals in e-mail.

Remember hearing this for the first time - so much love for this tune, it's so fucking dark.

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I've recently found myself getting into Grime more than I ever have. Remember getting a pirate tape about a year before Dizzy released Boy in Da Corner and it had I Luv You and Pirate Material by the Streets on it too. Loved both at the time. Fan of Footise. Check his stuff with Filth Collins. Used to listen to Newham Generals a lot. Check Filths remix of Harder. These days I'm more into instrumentals, folk like Slakk, Sir Pixalot and Jbeatz.

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I've been listening to the classic Dizzee Rascal Sidewinder mixtape with DJ Slimzee from 2002 recently, still incredible stuff. Love how raw he was back then pre Boy in the Corner and the beats are just mad, such an exciting time.

Crazy to think that someone who performed something like this is now amongst the biggest pop stars in the UK and something of a national treasure:

And I'm far from clean

I'll play kiss chase with your aunt Maureen

Get rhymes, get heard, get seen

Dizzee run things like Idi Amin

Keep vigilante, keep on guard

We chuck grenades at Scotland Yard

Retard, get kicked hard, real hard

Leave death threats in your birthday card

Full set:

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This Spooky mix from last year is HARD:

1. Spooky - Spartan R.I.P (feat. Kozzie, Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer)

2. J Beatz - Injunction

3. Jammy - Bussin' At 'Em

4. Discarda & M.I.K - Lord Of The Hypes

5. Spooky - Circles R.I.P

6. M.I.K & Merky Ace - Shut Down Rally (Acapella)

7. Preditah - Nosy Parker (Spooky & Neon Beats Refix)

8. Swifta Beater - Easy

9. Faze Miyake - Take Off (Spooky's Refix)

10. K1 - Streetlights (wud's Refix)

11. Spooky - Pulse 007

12. Spooky - Dragon Village

13. Sir Pixalot - GrimeHot (Spooky V.I.P)

14. Double Oddz - Frontline Champion (Spooky's V.I.P Blend)

15. Swifta Beater - Freddy

16. Marcus Nasty & Funk Butcher feat. Beezy - Checkmate

17. Trends - Party Time

18. Moony - All I Do Is 138 DJ

19. J-Sweet - Can't Stop My Grime (Mr. Mitch 8 Bar Remix)

20. Spooky - Rusty Bell (Moony Remix)

21. Faze Miyake & Teddy - Quantum

22. Discarda - Rhyme On (Acapella)

23. Spooky - Shut Down 2012 (Jack Daniels V.I.P)

24. Neon Beats - Attack V.I.P

25. Darq E Freaker - ROAR

26. Flava D - Sickman

27. Deset - Crisis

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Sweet, gonna go through some of these in a bit.

This is some 10/10 sheit.

Recommend this from 09:


some really, really decent crayzzee banditt stuff:


if you can acquire crayzzee banditt's avalanche music i highly recommend it - the bass on oh my gosh is fucking brutal.

i can't flood the chat with videos, so check this from nocturnal and this one from teddy music. overly dope:

fucking menacing. amazing tune.

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I'm one of Jammer's special 150 guests to go see Big H vs P Money clash filming for LOTM6 on the 18th of May. Should be sick. Hope Big H turns up...

Will listen to stuff you put up later.

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