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Gran Turismo 6 coming to PS3 this year

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Thanks for the link, GT Planet was taken down, presumably because of the increase in traffic.

A few pictures were shown off at the even in Silverstone before it all went down, looks like it's confirmed that GT6 is on PS3 and Silverstone is just one of the new tracks included in the game.

Rumours are 2013 release, Brands Hatch is included and something involving GPS Data.

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New graphics and physics engine? Reworked suspension and aero modelling? Being able to customise your car?

I welcome all of this, coming from GT5, which I was rather disappointed in. Then again, it always seemed like the 'Even' games in the franchise always knocked it out of the park in terms of customisation and depth, and as such were the games that I enjoyed the most (GT2 and GT4).

I do hope they retain some of the more cooler features that GT5 provided, though - the track generator and Karting were fantastic, and I'd welcome them back with open arms in any racer. Just don't fuck up the career mode, Polyphony. Or, in fact, carry on with that extremely daft Premium/Standard car modelling. Slugging through the career mode for forty hours only to be rewarded with a Bugatti Veyron fresh from the PS2 modelling department was hilarious, for all the wrong reasons.

EDIT: Tweet update, New course maker. YES!

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A new tyre, aerodynamic and suspension model are included.

33 Locations, 71 Track Layouts and new tracks every month by DLC.

Also a Demo is expected in July to coincide with the GT Academy event.

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Here is a copy of the press release with all details so far.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced Gran Turismo®6 (GT6), the latest version of PlayStation®s best-selling franchise, will be released in Holiday, 2013. The news was revealed today by legendary Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi at an event held to celebrate 15 years of the 70-million-selling series.

GT6 for PlayStation®3 will bring new levels of authenticity to the Real Driving Simulator as well as introducing stunning new tracks and cars and a revised user interface. A new compact game engine will improve operation and increase the flexibility to expand it with downloadable content. Meanwhile, the game is also set for expanded connectivity with other devices such as smart phones and tablets and increased social and community functions.

All of the cars and tracks from Gran Turismo®5, which has sold over 10m copies since launching in 2010, will be retained in GT6. But notable new additions to the already impressive line-up of historic cars, road cars and the latest race cars, brings the total car list to 1200 at launch, with new cars set to be continually added online. Several thousand aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars, and players can personalize their own custom cars in game to the greatest ever level possible.

The UKs famous Silverstone Circuit will be just one of seven new locations in Gran Turismo 6, taking the total to 33, with 71 different layouts available, 19 of them brand new. There will also be regular additions of new tracks set to be made available online. The improved course maker function will provide gorgeous scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucía.

The theme of Gran Turismos innovative collaborations with partner companies will increase with the inception of GT6. A number of exciting new projects that blur the line between the virtual and real will be announced in the run up to the games launch. Not least of these is GT Academy, a collaboration with Nissan to unearth real racing driver talent that first ran in 2008. It was announced during the event that the competition returns for its biggest ever year in 2013, with the entry mechanic set to take place on an exclusive GT6 demo in July.

Other notable partnerships in the development of GT6 have been with tyre manufacturer Yokohama Rubber and suspension company KW Automotive. Both companies are active in the commercial car industry and in racing, and they have acted as technical development partners for the games new physics engine, for its tyre and suspension kinematic modeling, creating an even more realistic experience for GT fans.

It is amazing to think that it is 15 years since we first released Gran Turismo, explained Kazunori Yamauchi, during the announcement at Silverstone Circuit. Things have changed a lot since then and now Gran Turismo 6 is a further evolution of my dream. Were pleased to deliver GT6 to PlayStation 3 as we have a very loyal community on that platform. However, we have refactored the game to make it very flexible and expandable, with a view to making many future developments. I am very pleased with everything about the new game and the new additions, but the launch will be only the beginning for GT6. The game will continue to develop throughout its life. I already have many ideas for things I want to achieve in the next 15 years of Gran Turismo!

The celebration of 15 years of Gran Turismo event at Silverstone included a demo of GT6 featuring the famous circuit. Guests were able to play the game in the familiar circular Gran Turismo race pods before having a chance to take to the real track in cars provided by Audi, Ford, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Toyota.

Further news about Gran Turismo 6 will be revealed at the forthcoming E3 and Gamescom events.

Cars featured on the GT6 Silverstone demo (* denotes new to Gran Turismo):

Acura NSX 91

*Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale 11

*Alpine A110 1600S 68

*Audi Sport quattro S1 Rally Car 86

Ferrari 458 Italia 09

*Ferrari Dino 246 GT 71

Ford GT 06


Lamborghini Countach LP400 74

*Light Car Company Rocket 07

McLaren MP4-12C 10

*Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 11

Nissan 370Z (Z34) (GT Academy Version) 08

Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version) 08

Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy Version) 12

*Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport

Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy Version)

*Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance 12

Toyota 86 GT 12

Summary of new Gran Turismo 6 features announced by Kazunori Yamauchi:

New Game Engine


Compact, nimble operation

Flexible expandability

A new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the PS3

New Physics Engine

New suspension and kinematics model

New tyre model

New aerodynamics model

Technical partnership with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive

1200 Cars, abundant custom parts, and on-going DLC

From historic cars to the latest racing cars, the game contains a total of 1200 cars.

Multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars.

Players can create their own personalised custom car in the game.

Cars will be continually added online

33 locations, 71 layouts

33 Locations and 71 layouts will be provided from day1 (7 more locations and 19 more layouts than GT5)

More new tracks will continue to be provided online

New Course Maker

Massive scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers

A new course generation algorithm

Community/Club/Race Organizer

Players can form their own communities

Various community levels from local and domestic to global

Players themselves can create and manage their own online events

New User Interface

Balancing directional key operation and touch operation

Quick response

Shortening of loading times

Multi Device Compatibility


Smart Phone



At the same time as the PS3 version of GT6 the Real Driving Simulator launches, a mobile version and web application version of GT6, will be created to enjoy Gran Turismos massive community space.

Real/Virtual "Edge Effect" Activity

A variety of "Edge Effects", the chemical reactions between the real world and the virtual world for which the Gran Turismo series is famous, are also planned for GT6. Exciting collaborations between various automotive manufacturers and collaborations with brands crossing different industries will be revealed gradually across the next six months.

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New engine? Not that I'm complaining but they made such a big deal of the last one and only used it once?

Ah well, I was there for the first GT on release and everything in between so I'll be there for this, even though I know that rationally I don't need it as I still love booting up GT5 and zooming around the tracks. No racing, no time trial, just jumping in one of the cars and driving around the circuit.

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Funny - I don't care much for this announcement. Cynic or rightfully bored? Not sure.

Well the problem is it all hinges on what we haven't yet seen. Has someone reminded them how to make a GAME?

GT5's physics were pretty good, especially with a wheel but it was buried under menus that were impenetrable, layers of crap to go through to drive half the stuff and AI that Super Sprint would point and laugh at.

I'm sure they know all that as much as me but we just haven't any proof yet.

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I would hate to be an environment artist working at Polyphony. "You've got six polygons and a 256x256 texture. We've spunked the rest on cars."

I would take comfort in concealing as many hidden cocks as possible in every texture map.

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Bloody bloke. Always late.

Tis' a shocker this coming though. Hope they sort out the rather muted ffb and tyre combo's. You had to have real restraint with GT5. Lose a race and the first thing you do is buy better tyres.

And then its just a boring passing game...

It looks like a sim but feels far more boring then one as you simply don't race. Before someone says, its a driving sim, but take it like that and you realise there little in the way of road bumping and a lack of scrub tyre ffb. Its all done sonically and therefore feels like a ffb "muted" drive.

MP was a bit better but there's no live chat.

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