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Ok, Pop Was Just Ruined For Me...


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I've been playing PoP for the last week and have been loving it. Intuitive, gorgeous-looking and diffculty level pitched just right.

Now, all of a sudden at about 80% in, I'm involved in a fight which I simply cannot win....I must be on my 20th attempt!! :)

Why do game creators do this?? I'm all for achallenge but the progression up to this just isn't there, every fight so far has been a piece of piss...

Sorry, just having a bit of a rant :ph34r:

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Turn it off, leave it for a while, come back to it in a couple of days with a fresh mind and fresh eyes and fresh temper and attempt it from a different angle with different tactics.

Yeah, I did this.

Beat it first time.

It was easy.

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