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Shock! Someone Who Likes: The Hulk (ps2)


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The rather excellent digiworld review comes to mind. So uh...heres a different, more boring one instead.


Review by Auron255

First off, i\'ve been a fan of the Hulk for the longest time, since i can remember. And i had high expectations for this game, and for the most part they were met.

Story 10/10

The story takes place one year after the movie ends, which is good, because the developers actually took the time to make something oringinal, and made something that can actually work in a videogame. You have fight through Ravage, The Leader, and several other Hulk foes. And brilliantly enough, they work with the story. The story is very simple, and for a bash em\' up game like the Hulk, you need the story to be as simple as possible. The story is great, they inclusion of the likenesses and voice acting of the characters from the movie was a plus to the story and added more depth than the no-name voice overs would have done. To do this game justice you have to have a good script, which this game does.

Graphics 10/10

This is a true cel-shaded game. The anti-aliasing is very well performed, while the actual character models shine like the comic book while giving you a visual 3-D interpretation of the 2-D figures. The graphics are probably the best part of this game.

Gameplay 8/10

The gameplay is very simple and sometimes very repetitive. you are given a punch button, a kick button and a gamma energy button. You can push these buttons three times to make a ground combo or jump and hold the buttons to make a strong aerial attack. Over all the controls are simple, and very easy to use, not to mention most of your attacks can hurt several enemies at once. Later on in the game though, the enemies don\'t get smarter or any hard harder for that matter, there is just a WHOLE lot of them. For instance, in the first level you take on 2 tanks and a bunch of soldiers. Later on the game, you may have to fight 6 tanks and and endless supply of soldiers. Its very repetetive, but still fun in most respects. On top of all of this though, the environments are entirely interactive and anything can be used as a weapon, which is good when your 10 feet tall and green.

Controls 8/10

The controls work. There is nothing confusing about them, and they are all easy to memorize. The only downside is that there aren\'t many combos in the game, so you\'ll find yourself using the same combo and button presses over and over.

Sound 8/10

The sound effects are spot on and every single different piece of wreckage you use as a weapon has its own set of sounds. The Hulks smashes and grunts are very well presented, but the music isn\'t. The music is good, but its almost all the same, which is saying a lot when you consider who developed this game, and people fueling the production. (ahem, Vivnedi......universal, ahem)

Replay Value 10/10

There are so many unlockable features its hard to keep track. Theres one hit kills, infinite rage, infinite health, double HP, double damage, a series of movie set production image galleries, many movies and clips of the movie and behind the scenes from the set of the Hulk, not to mention the hidden character, Grey Hulk, who talks much like the famed wrestler Andre the Giant.

Final Score 8/10

With this game its either hit or miss. Either the game hits the nail on the head or they just skim the surface of it. Although, when you take into account everything that is perfect in this game with everything that is almost perfect you do end up having a very entertaining game. This game will have you glued to your sofa for hours upon hours, with no thought of stopping any time soon. If you are a fan of the Hulk, you will love this game; if you aren\'t a fan, you\'ll still enjoy this game thouroughly.

Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10, Originally Posted on 08/08/2003

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You really didn't read the bottom of my post then. The DISLIKES are over. The LIKES are due for another 8...

( NEG )

I can see what you've done there.

Everyone knows Eggman takes the knocks and comes back for more.

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