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Mario Kart 8


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I've just booted the game to be greeted with a resounding 'Luigi Kart 8' vocal announcement along with Luigi on the title screen.

Made me smile... :)

Lol, is this just a random thing or have you achieved something to cause this?

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Complete mirror mode isn't it? There are other different title screens that pop up. Doesn't top "Super Luigi Galaxy", but it made me smile too.

In other news, the touchscreen on my gamepad has stopped functioning so it's going back to Nintendo to be fixed first thing tomorrow.

I tried out the old wii control methods last night to see if I could get on without it, but no map and look back buttons that are impossible to press comfortably while dragging items means I'll be waiting until my proper controls come back before I get on this again. I'd forgotten just how crappy using the d-pad for weapons was with the old wii wheel set up. And I was rubbish when trying the nunchuck's stick. No chance I can go back to using that. It's the map that I missed the most though. I love glancing down to check out where everyone is and it's really useful for working out whether you are going to deploy weapons forwards or backwards and the timing of usage. Nintendo not including an option to have an on screen map is massive mistake. The map's far more important in mario kart than any other track racer I can think of.

So yeah, booooooooooo! :(

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Yeah, sorry about that man - the universe balances though, as also on Yoshi falls I used a mushroom to get across the last grass corner and promptly got thwacked in the face by a greenie you or dismembo had launched from beyond the finish line;)

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