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Mario Kart 8


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Thanks go to DismembO, boodles and hairyjesus for coming to my aid and providing some tight races. I've got to hand it to DismembO who is really at the top of his game at the moment. Some incredibly tight finishes we're had.

Apologies to Fatsam who just came on as I was leaving. Have fun.

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Cheers man. Pleased you appreciated the horn parp on Dolphin Shoals.

Sorry about the abrupt disconnection after your victory on Cloudtop Cruise by the way. I accidentally knocked a glass of water all over my plugs and the electricity went down in my house. I wasn't rage quitting because you beat me on one of my best courses honest. Although I was mildly furious. So unfair.

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I must admit that I was pleasantly shocked and surprised to see there are 16 new tracks as DLC by May for only £11. That's almost unheard of for Nintendo.

I just hope there's some more re-done SNES tracks. I'd quite like them to re-jig the railroad one from N64, as it's quite a cool track but actually really boring to race, so if they chucked a anti-grav bit in or something like they did with a few of the other ones it could be quality.

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