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Mario Kart 8


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depending on your age 200cc is either :-

a) finally a much needed injection of speed in the series, bravo

b) impossible, messes up all your lines, makes your hand & head hurt as you try to remember which button is brake/accelerate/drift

it totally re-writes every track and how you play the game.

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I'm not the greatest MK player but 200CC is killing me. I was flying off track left and right and lucky to come last with the gentle Animal Crossing music played at the end of that track making my incompetence even more infuriating.

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It's so intense but I'm slowly adjusting. Got to go and have dinner now but I'll be back on in an hour or so.

Also, who are the dicks who choose old tracks on DLC day? A chance at Baby Park was ruined by someone's Tick Tock Clock choice.

It completely upends how you play the game, doesn't it?

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The problem is the tracks where made with 150cc in mind. They flow really well - like the 4/5 hops in the wario course.

200cc feels like changing it's from 30fps to 60 FPS but like you would do to edit a pc game ( like the last need for speed game) and it just feels... Strange.

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