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Mario Kart 8


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Recorded a wee 60fps video of Ribbon Road on 200cc too:


Great vid there - Ribbon road is just about the best thing in video games ever IMO, I don't really know what i mean or how to explain it but when i saw it for the first time it just felt perfect!

I think battle mode is broken on this, not only is it not a patch on the original i just got my ass handed to my by my daughter - cheeky scamp waits for me and just picks me off while i try my best to beat her :(

Still reckon i could take her on COD/BF/Destiny tho...

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Predictably excellent fun last night. Almost brings a tear to my eye to see completely full rllmuk room. Love drifting around Cheese Land,100% concentration required on that one. Ribbon Road is slightly easier than I thought it was going to be, but a joy to play. I've found the main challenge comes from trying not to accidentally trick on the floating ribbon section near the end, which can zoom you off the track. Liking Baby Park even less than I thought I would though. I know loads were picking it, but I'm not seeing the appeal. People tend to hang on to weapons in this Mario Kart, so you don't get bananas littering the place or shells bouncing around. And I haven't a clue where other racers are, or how far ahead of the person behind me I am. It just does't seem to work as well as it did in Double Dash. And it wasn't my favourite in that game. Yoshi Circuit is rather demanding in 200cc isn't it?? Oh man.

One track I just can't work out how to do properly yet is Big Blue, particularly those travelator corners. Looked on youtube for some tips and came across this shortcut.

Anyone done this yet?

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Excellent, excellent early afternoon races, there. I think Yoshi Circuit is just about my favourite 200cc track though the sense of speed and smooth glide of drifts on SNES Rainbow Road is wonderful; much better than 150cc. Plus you can take the ramp shortcut without a mushroom! You don't even need to trick boost!

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