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Mario Kart 8


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MK8 is the better videogame. Of that there can be no doubt.

I think Sonic Transformed is brilliant but I can't argue with that. I'd say Sonic Transformed is a better pure racer though - I never really feel like I'm actually in a race in MK8 for some reason - and obviously the single player is miles ahead due to it actually having a single player mode but it's nowhere near as polished as MK8 in general. Although, I kind of wish it was more of a Nintendo Kart roster in MK8, having half a dozen Koopas and baby versions of characters is a bit uninspiring.

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My'kids won't let me play. So unfair.

Has anyone got their free download code yet?

It should be given to you instantly once you've done the code registration (and possibly the survey too) on Club Nintendo, when you log in again you should see:


Or whatever. Saying that, I've just had the email version of the same come in two days after doing the code registration.

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I wonder if there's a neat way of allowing people to list a room that they've opened as an extension to the NNID Google Docs spreadsheet?

It'd just be much easier to check a single URL to see what rooms are open, rather than trying to work out and sift through this thread.

Anyone any ideas?

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