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Just Drove 65 Miles to Buy A Computer Game

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I walked about a mile and a half at nine in the morning to Woolworths on Byres Road, Glasgow to buy San Andreas when it came out on the PS2. Not far you might think, but it is when you have been up all night tripping your tits off on a bunch of acid. To make things even better, everyone in Woolworths was dressed up for halloween, so I was served by a fat witch while I tried not to piss myself giggling. Great days..........

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used to travel best part of 2hrs on the train to go to raven games to pick up saturn games. i think i was one of the very first in the UK to get the JP retail version of virtua fighter 2, i arrived at the shop while tony was on his way back from the airport with the stock. those were the days. then the internet happened and took a lot of the treasure hunting fun out of importing.

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