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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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absurd game, Doak came on for a few minutes and looked electric. wouldn't be surprised if Klopp is looking at fast tracking him to the first team squad next season.


Nunez's penalty is the funniest thing I've seen at a game in years

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8 minutes ago, glb said:

That Bobby Clarke assist though. He’s been watching Thiago.


It was beautiful. It was such an enjoyable Friday afternoon watch. Doak's cameo has me excited for him in a couple of seasons.


As SMD said, the Nunez penalty was Nunez in a nutshell. He is the most exciting player to watch in the world because how can he not be 

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On 29/11/2022 at 15:06, JLM said:

It's been the single worst series of performances by any player in the history of football. I heard he burned down an orphanage at half time against Korea and strangled Suarez to death in stoppage time before pissing all over the Uruguayan supporters. HYSTERICALLY BAD. 


I don't particularly care how he does for Uruguay as long as he brings his brand of defense terrifying madness and sheer unbridled chaos back to our games. The goals and goal contributions have been welcome too. 

Nah he is trash though.

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21 minutes ago, JLM said:

Team is looking really sharp today it’s been good to watch. Villa having their moments on the break but very happy overall so far. 


Watching they've felt kind of good going forward, yet wasteful, and brittle at the back.


You also have to wonder, how good are Villa? It seems picking apart such a team, and conceding chances, isn't that impressive.

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He’s fluffing his lines in front of goal at the moment but he’s clearly a nightmare to play against. He’s a pacy and direct threat, his hold up play and general awareness has already improved massively in the short time he’s been here. He’s doing everything else right at the moment, he’ll get goals. Love that the Liverpool fans at the games are backing him. YouTube highlights analysis from “neutrals” be damned. 

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