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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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Klavan really fucked up there. We haphazardly give games away in the dying minutes; we certainly do not win them with last gasp goals. Dropped for the rest of the season I reckon.


(Great result, difficult game. Burnley are a really good 'small' side, by which I mean they know what they've got to work with and maximise it, without resorting to horrible football.)

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Impressed with Chamberlain again today, he is really turning into a fine player and one that fits this team perfectly. Also, we didn't let our heads drop after conceding. It's like we learned a valuable lesson after falling apart against Arsenal. 

Ref gave us nothing the entire game and it seemed it took two fouls on Can to be awarded that final freekick. 


Hopefully VvD makes us more dangerous from corners moving forward too. 

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Excellent result against one of the most resilient teams in the league. It was nice to see the team not going full dicks out attacking, which would have given Burnley everything they wanted.


There aren't many teams this season who will come away with 3 points from Turf Moor.

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That was a fab result. Began the day thinking we would have lost it, so to nick it at the end was crazy.


I've no issue with rotation, because it's exactly what we need. Any team we put out would have struggled today. Just...why is Solanke starting? He's adding nothing. Ings would work so much better, Solanke is a substitute at the moment. I can't remember much that he did today.

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Nah, Solanke was a real handful for the opening 15 minutes or so.  He's Got It, I think and deserves a good run.  Although him and Oxlade-Chamberlain were the only ones wearing gloves, so pampered young English footballers etc and so forth.


Bit of an odd game, IMO.  Each side has 15 minute spells of being on top, Liverpool the opening 15 or so of the first half, Burnley ending it the better.  Then vice versa for the second half.  Liverpool more possession in the first, Burnley the clearer chances (not that there was too much in terms of clear cut stuff).  Poor defence from  Burnley POV for the opener - Trent Alexander-Arnold (which is a crap name for a footballer, but a brilliant one for a 1960's bus manufacturer) left with too much space and then he pings a centring ball in for Mane and Can to have too much time over before Mane smacked it home.  He's a lovely player is Mane. Moves like velvet.


It was kind of a weird one tactically.  Liverpool had a lot of the ball in a 4-3-3 against Burnleys 4-4-1-1 but the lines didn't really line up if you know what I mean.  Lallana was always in the space between Cork and Tarkowski, but Barnes and Defour were always between Lovren and Can.  It was hard in that first half for either side, as the weather was absolutely filthy at times.


Not sure what the defence was doing with Barnes, he was winning everything (though there was some hilarity when he went for the trademark jump/foul not knowing Lovren had backed off).  I'm no fan of him but I thought he was excellent today.  Pleased to see Clarets nick an equaliser through Gudmundsson - he had Gomez on toast for lot of the game.


Obviously I was disappointed with the winner - I thought my lot did enough to deserve a point but dumb decisions got the better of them.  First was committing too far forward after  equalising, then Defour (or possibly Bardsley) missed the tactical foul at the halfway line, instead committing it 18 yards further upfield.  Then from the free kick giving Lovren a pretty clear header. Could be tiredness in vile conditions (we've had the second most compressed schedule in the festive period - you hear that, Jose?) but thems the breaks.  Everyone knows Liverpool have goals in them.  Nicked it.  Bah.


Still, I won the halftime draw, so not an entirely disappointing day.


Oh, and singing "You won fuck all" at a club with two League Championships and an FA Cup is a bit embarassing.  Still, you join Leicester, Arsenal and Chelsea in that one.

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