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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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I still remember the UEFA Cup final, my friend and I were going to watch it at his house but just as it started decided to go to mine as my dad was watching it too. We got there just before Babel scored, then enjoyed a lovely Dominos pizza (onions and jalapenos on mine, fact fans) whilst watching the team throw away a nice 2-goal cushion not once, but twice.


I was so happy when Fowler scored for both him and the team (and then he followed up with his almost lazy-looking overhead kick against Charlton) to set us on our way in what was a much bigger game in the grand scheme of things.


But that final though, to win on the European stage after such an absence just felt massive (plus having the 'honour' of winning by the Golden Goal - what a terrible idea that was). May 2001 was a crazy month!


Still a bit bitter that Houllier never won the Manager of the Year trophy though, despite Ipswich's proud performance over the season.

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2000/01 played in every single possible fixure in a season and have wonderful success. 

38 League games - 3rd

All League Cup - Winners
All FA Cup - Winners
All UEFA Cup - Winners


What an incredible season it was and the first time we could really believe again in a decade.

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Devastated by this. Like everyone else, that season meant so much to me and I have crystal clear memories of watching the UEFA Cup Final.  

The thing about Gerard is he loved the club.  Proper loved it. That’s why he means so much to us. (See also: Klopp).

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Aaand then they score of their first chance. God damn it. Come on VAR you bastards you owe us one. EDIT: Nope. Curses. Son is so deadly but that is a real gut punch, played some glorious stuff in that first half hour and contained them so well.

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