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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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Milner is a liability today, they are isolating him and now he's on a yellow card they will overload him even more. 


City showed why they are such a team that half, Liverpool were outplayed in every department. Didn't t even have a shot, did they? 

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We need the midfield to get involved, take an extra touch instead of trying to push it to Salah and Mane every chance we get. I don't know if Keita dribbling or Thiago passing is the answer, but we can't have 45 more wasteful minutes.


That being said, we've never really looked in trouble, either. They're looking good because we're off the pace. Which means we can be better.

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9 minutes ago, CheekyLee said:

That being said, we've never really looked in trouble, either. 

Eh? Have you missed the 4 or 5 occasions where they split us open and the chances they've had versus our long aimless passes and no chances? 

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2 minutes ago, Pockets said:

Just all seems a bit jaded. Some fresh blood would have been handy in situations like this - either to inject something new themselves or keep the current lot on their toes, but this ageing squad just seem to have the same bag of tricks they’ve used for a few years now. Usually it still works, but when it doesn’t it’s really apparent. 

Yeah, to bang on the drum again, the lack of strong squad options means if plan A isn't doing anything then there's no real plan B.


Youd think they have to better than in the first half, whether it will be enough though is a different matter. 

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Just now, bradigor said:

Just no cutting edge ;)

In the first half, absolutely not. I suspect they got a bit of a rocket at half time though, because they've started the second half  rilliantly. Just need to have a period of calm for 10 minutes or so and then perhaps they could grab a second on the break. 

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