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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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Salah has fired the first shot in the contract war then.


It makes me chuckle when players (not just him) say it's not in their hands - yes it is, take less money! Not that he should, of course, but this isn't a situation he has no control over.

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Yeah not in my hands is a bit of a daft thing to say but I really think the club should give him a 5 year contract as he is a machine that can go on as long as Ronaldo and that other dodgy Welsh guy Utd used to have.  He's top 5 in the world, he's worth the money.

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Agreed. Even if the club got three more quality years out of Salah, that could be the difference - 20+ goals plus assists a season - between fighting for 4th and challenging for trophies.


Salah’s reached that point where ia reputation gives him an edge at a level where 1-2% marginal gain is significant. Teams will shift plans to limit him, opening up space for others.

Then there’s the stories like him pulling Elliot aside to advise him to not eat as much bread at team meals. Small

things like that can help young players develop habits that will positively impact their own careers.


Plus the marketing side; the value of shirt sales is largely hyperbolic, but the commercial deals and social media impressions tied to Salah won’t be.

Pay him what he wants, he’s one of the best players in the club’s history.

And of course will now have an absolute stinker at Old Trafford tomorrow and every other fan will be all ‘LOL Salad is shite, m8’.

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I was thinking we were given them a chance with that line up to be fair.  Shame Fabs is injured.  Konate I definitely prefer than Gomez at the ment though, Matip must be a slight concern.


These games are generally terrible but I'm going to the pub to watch it so hoping for a 0-2 victory.

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