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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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2 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

Ok - just for the record though - I'm not one of those fans who go about saying Liverpool play the victim card. I think that is proper shit 'banter'. 


Oh, lads. He's "Not one of those players".

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24 minutes ago, Gabe said:


It's actually a shame that Klopp spoke out about it previously, because it has meant a lot of fans/media have put it down to him moaning again rather than, you know, having a point. Ole also criticised it, incidentally, either the same day as Klopp or the day before/after - but he didn't get the same column inches when he spoke out.


Yeah, I think that's one of those lessons in how the media works and how unhelpful it can be. Klopp's statement was more hyperbolic and emotional, I think he said something about "rugby tactics" so it came across as him moaning about an opponent.  Ole's statement was more mild, expressing concern that referees, in trying to "let the game flow" had gone too far in the other direction. So of course Klopp's words got more coverage, and were easily dismissed because they came across as a bit silly.  It was interesting how Klopp's rugby tactics statement entered the public consciousness to such a degree that the following week when Ole was interviewed about the refereeing he was told that HE had complained about rugby tactics!  


This isn't a club issue. As far as United is concerned, we've had one go for us and one go against us this season.  Fernandes was fouled in the build up to Southampton's goal, and Pogba fouled Neves in the build up to Greenwood's goal against Wolves.  I think they need to rethink this refereeing philosophy before anyone else gets hurt. It's already too late, frankly.

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@feltmonkey Agree with you completely about it not being a club issue, I've watched games not involving Liverpool and grimaced at some of the challenges that have gone unpunished and wondered how they've played on.


You're also right about Klopp, part of why a lot of neutral fans like him is because of his clear enthusiasm and child-like excitement about stuff, but it does also mean those same emotions take over when he's trying to make a good point, like last season when he was supporting Ole by criticising the PL allowing Manchester United's fixture pile-up and talking about protecting players health - but it was just him moaning again and clearly he didn't care because he didn't rest players against Man City etc. As you say, it makes it easy for the press to play the man, not the ball where he is concerned.

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I said to my friend when we were peppering them that this would probably end up a draw. Seemed hilariously hyperbolic at the time but I was half serious - seen it so many times when we don’t take those chances while dominating. 

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