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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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It's an odd rant to come out with and did make me think of some kind of inverse-Keegan too.


I mean he's probably correct, I think a lot of neutrals are bored of City winning the league most of the time, so they'd rather we won it (even if they hate the club), but all he's done is build the pressure on his team.


Hopefully it works and they fluff their lines in their remaining games :D

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Also, with the hammering of Newcastle they have completely reversed the - 10 or so goald difference we had - so if we aren't going to win the league I hope it is on points and not GD. Not sure I could handle another 1989 in my life! 

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3 hours ago, ryodi said:

Pep having a completely  normal one after going three points clear at the top of the league



We should charge for the rent of being in his head, we could sign a couple of players. Never been drawn to Pep, he’s a weirdly cold, passive aggressive man, bit like his team. Brilliantly ruthless but I’d rather watch anything else than their games.


There’s been a weird air of defeatism around Liverpool the last few days. And a great deal of entitlement rather than gratitude. It’s madness. We should end the season with around 90 points. That would surpass the totals of 19 Premier League champions. Sure, there’s little glory in being runners-up, but there’s also an FA Cup and European Cup final ahead. And I bet Guardiola would swap the league title for the chance to play in Paris too.


City, with the money they’ve spent (a billion by Guardiola) and the wages they pay  should walk the league every season. That they haven’t this time around is a remarkable effort from a team that limped to third with reserve centre backs and was written off by many last summer.

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Villa have been excellent. It must be so frustrating for their support that they only produce these performances now and again.

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