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RPL Town - Season 22


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Well done guys.

Good finishing Tyler. Except for that finesse. Pompey don't worry about it, don't finesse though. The second game particularly we were great, and we should have won by three or four goals.

Here's the situation -- if we beat United twice next week we go one point from top. Is this a good time to say that I'm away next Thursday?

Edit: The best moment last night:

Joe had a go at me at the start of the season for about 20 minutes for not picking Barca.

Timmo (after Barca players get outmuscled for the nth time): Still wish we'd pick Barca, Joe?

Joe: (pause) Well... they're up against a very good set of players.

Timmo: Nah.

I believe in you, team.

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Well played guys, Baffoon was the real let down for you I thought, terrible at collecting corners, my goal in game one that trickled in the near post but then the header he condeded in game 2 was criminal, it was so close to him yet he just jogged towards the ball rather than sticking an arm out!

He was shite for me when I was Juve last season. To the point where I dropped him, glad to see it wasnt just in my head and he is shite for other people too. :P

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