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Yeah it's the frustration of FIFA - you see Robben 1 on 1 with a defender, great lets try a through ball, Robben will beat that 34 paced defender with ease. Suddenly they swap stats. :hmm:

Echo Charlie really, PeteUK & JohnnyArgos were just superb, and NewPete too. Gerry's ANY performance was even better than last weeks.

We just need to start to create more now, our goal last night was utterly superb, more of that.

Key was, no-one played badly :)

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Key was, no moaning faced Gus bastard :)

Defensively we were much better JA & Pete dealt with everything. New Pete settled well into CDM. Upfront it was a bit all over the place with the 3 at the front. The CM's were for the most part just getting in the way and the front 3 really weren't making best use of the space all playing as strikers through the middle which meant it was piss easy for their defenders to mark us as a group.
I don't think the 4-3-3 suits the players we have , we missed a dedicated CAM in Vinnie and Wallbob doesn't seem to like staying up or staying on his wing when playing LW. I would suggest swapping to a diamond or 4-2-3-1.
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I think we can get it working with the cam, one striker and the two wingers.

Have the two central midfielders as cdm's and go no further than 10 paces past the half way line.

Wingers stay as wide as possible to spread the oppo defence, striker stays central for crosses and cam can connect CDMs with the front 3

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Same as last week guys (in a slightly different formation), we have to get a break soon!

NewPete, you were awesome at DMC last week, same strong defensive skills but on the left tonight, stop the crosses. Don;t roam too often and make sure you are covered when you do.

Mick, show up.

JA / PeteUK - was so impressed last week, don't want to change it too much this week so hope you guys are OK being the rocks at the back again.

Scott, back in your best role need you best to create for Gerry and Outsider up top.

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If you're the gaffer, ye cannae post 10mins before kick off saying "aww boys, wunlae maikit"

Knob! :lol:

Can and I fucking did. :hmm:

Played lads,

Wanderers were a bit all over the place but we scythed through them in the second game and played some excellent football. Closer in th first but I think we edged it.

6 full motherfucking points?

oh yes!


Revolution started.

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