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Felt like a defeat in first game, although was very even and a draw was probably fair.

Second game we had the same amount of shots on target as United, but we have Gerry up front, not Tris ;)

Still, not coming away from that down, we were good again, and we go into the last game against Athletic with 4th place up for grabs, even 3rd if we get really lucky.

Lets hope we get a better turn up for the last game of the season to try and finish 4th!

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Well played lads, a draw was perhaps fairest in game one although our 90th minute equaliser must've been a kick in the balls.

Second one our players started passing a lot better than in game one when we all felt they were pretending to be Doncaster or something. No-one could pass 2 yards!

Cheers guys. :)

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Overall It wasn't a great performance from us,

We have played better and created more. Some fine saves from Neuer kept us in it, although their keeper saved a couple of Outsider specials and don't forget the stone wall penalty in opening part of the first game. Contrary to the bias, I think a couple of draws would be a fair reflection on the games we were lucky to get the penalty but, that's FIFA.

Only 1 defeat in the 2nd half of the season was pretty good going given the start we had.

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Last night, I thought we were good for the win in the second game, stats are on my side with that one too. Certainly wasn't our best but thought we edged it. Our penalty was laughable, but we were denied a stone waller, so evened out imo.

First game was a different matter, we got a lucky draw. Keeper and the woodwork got us the draw.

The season really was strange. Season of two halves.

First ten games, we lost nine, drew one. If you'd said we'd finish 4th at this point I'd have laughed.

Gus quit, Charlie quit. The replacements really boosted us.

JohnnyArgos was epic at DC, and Outsider was the goalscorer we seemed to lack. Outsider also gave a really strong Any performance in each game too.

Second ten games we won 6, drew 3 and only lost the one, to the champions United.

Obviously Johnny Argos and Outsider was great, but the whole team from this point just changed. Passing was great, chances were created.

Big shout to those that slotted in at the back this season - Andy reliable at right back, and PeteUK for his role at DC in the second half.

NewPete - you played all over the park, but thought really really played well at Defensive Midfield, no idea if its a role you enjoy but you defend well.

Wallace and Scott created the chances and were a constant threat, especially in the second half of the season - and Gerry as the holding striker was awesome.

Gutted Mick wasn't there for the final two weeks, his role at Defensive Mid is the nest in the league IMO. Mick you cunt.

Cheers for the entertaining league season guys, even when we were really shit early on, we always had a laugh.

Cup up next. Who wants to play where?

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