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RPL United - Season 22


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Aye well played lads! Even though we won twice I think we didn't play too well going forward - many poor passes, etc. Credit to Town there for the pressure. 6 points though and thought defensively we were very good. Played lads! 4 penalties though, fuck sake FIFA.

On and you all will have PM's incoming for this seasons United match awards...

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Fucking penalties! Great results tonight lads as Town have a smashing team this season and to take 6 points was no easy task. I thought Kompardigan was locked on to the ball when he wandered off for their first goal so hands up for that. Not much we can do about the pens but other than that first goal I thought we liked very solid with Tobes and Baring having superb games at CDM.

Good start to build on so lets keep it focussed :)

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Well played tonight lads although it wasnt as smooth as it usually is upfront and we relied on some penalties I think the 6 points were well deserved. Defense and the CDMs played really well and although it was a poor performance from my self I have already done better than all of last seasom combined!

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I was pretty nervous for my first proper debut back! FIFA 13 certainly has its foibles. Bear in mind I missed 12 so I haven't really played a FIFA for getting on 2 years.

What's with it putting the lb/rb deep in his own half for a goal kick?

The crossing seems a little different too.

I learned mashing the tackle butting can = penalty. I'm still not convinced with the tackling system at all.

The passing is still super slow. It's not realistic.

It seems that FIFA is going further and further away from exciting, dynamic football. :/

As far as the game went; they were purposefully sitting deep and getting men behind the ball which was frustrating us. That's why we found it so hard to break them down, and their sitting off resulted in 95% of our through balls being cut out.

The penalty I gave away was a bummer; again I must learn not to mash tackle - still I then had a block and two headed clearances near the end which were decent so not too bad.

Overall two good results and thanks for the encouragement throughout! :)

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