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RPL United - Season 22


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Blue Moon Rising

United on their way with two resolute wins


United-logo.png RPL United 2 – 1 RPL Town Town-logo.png

Goals: tris3d x2
Assists: Jazzy

Town-logo.pngRPL Town 2 – 3 RPL UnitedUnited-logo.png

Goals: Jazzy, Steely, tris3d
Assists: Jamin, tris3d


Game 1
A tough start for United but one which they came through with flying colours (albeit slightly nervy at the end!). A Tris double being enough for the points, despite a well-taken Town goal against the run of play leading to a tense ending. It was an excellent debut performance from all, though the lads felt tris3d's duo of goals and all round excellent play saw him MotM with 5 votes, with defensive colossus Mardigan the closest behind with 2 nods.

tris3d - 5 votes
MardiganX - 2 votes

Steely - 1 vote

Dinobot - 1 vote

Game 2
More of the same in game two - Citeh grinding out the win in impressive style. Despite 3 goals conceded the defence were gelling nicely - whilst the attackers will look at the 16 shots and wonder how they didn't score more. Votes were tight for this game, and indeed the award must be split four ways! Baring, MardiganX, scooot77 and tris3d all getting 2 votes and a share on the roster.

Baring - 2 votes
MardiganX - 2 votes

scooot77 - 2 votes

tris3d - 2 votes
Goal of the week

tris3d collects he third successive award this week! A weavy-Jamin run on the edge of the box drew in several Town defenders before he supplied the waiting tris3d with the ball on the edge of the D and he unleashed a delightful crisp drive into the side netting leaving Buffon with no chance.

tris3d's low Aguero drive - 7 votes

Steely's towering Navas header - 1 vote

The "Baloltelli" Award 373030_129308877238812_1992617079_q.jpg

With talent comes application. With application inevitably comes mistakes. With mistakes comes the Baloltelli award.

A relatively easy decision this week. After owning with masterful performances with Dzeko in the Cup, Jazzy didn't have it all his own way this week. If he wasn't falling over for no reason, he was miscontrolling the ball, getting injured or accidentally hoofing it into Row Z when through on goal. With 5 votes, general lol-worthy play courtesy of Jazzy's clumsy guy sweeps the board this week.

General lol-worthy play courtesy of Jazzy's clumsy guy - 5 votes
Penalty-happy refs - 2 votes

Jamin injuring the "unbreakable" Yaya Toure three times - 1 vote

Dinobot's "cross" which nearly exited the stadium - 1 vote

Exclusive footage of Jazzy in training at United HQ this week

Season Stats

MotM Votes

tris3d - 8127358648_e6384a2ae1_m.jpg 7 votes

MardiganX - 8127358648_e6384a2ae1_m.jpg 4 votes

scooot77 - 8127358648_e6384a2ae1_m.jpg 2 votes

Baring - 8127358648_e6384a2ae1_m.jpg 2 votes

Jamin - 1 vote
Steely - 1 vote

Dinobot - 1 vote

Goal of the Night Votes

tris3d - 8127358702_2fea2e3f78_m.jpg 7 votes
Steely - 1 vote

The 'Baloltelli' Award
General lol-worthy play courtesy of Jazzy's clumsy guy - 373030_129308877238812_1992617079_q.jpg 5 votes

Penalty-happy refs - 2 votes

Jamin injuring the unbreakable Yaya Toure three times - 1 vote

Dinobot's "cross" which nearly exited the stadium - 1 vote

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Corners, S22, United.


Fucking Jazzy.

Fecking hell jamin I will have to ask my 9 year old to show yah how its done, was yer pen one of them special wobbly ones ? :lol: or did it have the naked women on it? And yer drawing is that bad coz yah was trying to look at the naked women after the ink was gone :lol:

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